A puddle makes a nice background on a rainy day
A puddle makes a nice background on a rainy day

Small Gully Mr Black’s Little Book Shiraz 2010

Couple of weeks ago I reviewed Small Gully’s Mr. Black’s Concoction Shiraz Viognier. I bought it for Mother’s Day. Mrs. Dan and I both liked it. When searching on the web about Concontion I noticed that make another wine called Mr. Black’s Little Book. It sounded interesting.

I guess good karma comes back. I think buying something that costs more than $10 for Mother’s Day has its rewards. Mrs. Dan came home with a bottle of Mr. Blacks Little Book. She found it on sale at Costco. I’m also glad because today has been a pretty crappy day in regards to weather. I thought it was a good day to enjoy a nice glass since we can’t exactly go out and work in the garden. We had not one heavy downpours but three. I suspect we’ll have more later this evening.

Roast Beef, mushroom and sweet potato.... stew?
Roast Beef, mushroom and sweet potato…. stew?

Time to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine… and enjoy our evening meal. Mrs. Dan had another surprise. She made a pot roast meal in the slow cooker that had mushrooms, red onions and sweet potatoes. She was trying for this Lean Cuisine type meal that has sweet chili flavors to it. This was an interesting meal. Kinda like a sweet and sour meal. The red onions were a bit powerful. The meal was…. like I said interesting.

Okay, on with the review. This wine is 15.2%. When first opened it you can detect some strong oak aromas. On first pour this wine has a nice heavy body, with oak flavors but the fruit is at the finish. I suspected this needed to breathe a bit. I ran some through the Venturi. Wow, this is now a fruit forward and fruit finish wine. Very jammy. Nice dark fruits. When you hold it up to the light you can’t see much light passing through.

I really like this wine. I liked it before I gave it a bit of air although you could taste the alcohol. Afterwards the flavors really jumped and now I like it even more.

I reread my review of the Mr. Black’s Concoction and you would think it was the same wine. The Conconction though was a bit acidic. This one seems more balanced. And it is cheaper. It as on sale at $10.49 but supposedly only runs around $11.99 when not on sale. That’s only 49 cents over my pain threshold.

This wine stood up to everything I threw at it during dinner. It complemented the roast beef, the onions, the mushrooms and even the sweet potatoes. It also was nice with the broccoli with cheese we had (she produced quite the meal).

The bottle says “They say don’t judge a book by its cover, so open a bottle of Mr. Black ‘s Little Book and pour over his formalae, mixtures ad secrets.”

Their website has no mention of this wine. But their importer, Vine Street Imports has much more to say. “Classic Barossa nose of crushed red berries, forest floor aromas and exotic spices such as mulberry, cardamon and cedar. Very and rich on the palate with width and very long length. 

Very little intervention is used in making this wine. The fruit is picked according to taste when Stephen feels that its at its optimal ripeness. The fruit is then destemmed and crushed and left to start fermenting which is done with out inoculation. The wine is pressed of gently and then goes into barrel where it goes through maloactic fermentation.”

The vines for this 100% Shiraz are 63 years old. Maybe that’s why this wines are so concentrated and full of flavor. It also spends “24 months in neutral French barrique (25%) and neutral American barrique (75%)”

Looks like it starting to rain. Time to pour another glass and prop my feet up. Maybe a rainy day isn’t so bad.

 From: Barossa Valley, Australia
Winery: Small Gully Wines
Year: 2010


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