When I was a kid, every afternoon at 4pm I would plop down in front of the B&W TV and turn to Channel 2-WSB-TV Atlanta for The Popeye Club starring Officer Don. It was the premier kid’s show in Atlanta and I dreamed of being one of the lucky kids in the studio. One of Officer Don’s favorite games was called Ooey Gooey. He had a giant turning table top that was lined with paper bags filled with Lay’s Potato Chips, Hostess Cupcakes and other goodies from whatever sponsors they had. One bag lacked the goodies and contained something more sinister. With great ceremony Officer Don would add raw eggs, chocolate syrup, and I sort of remember mustard. They would blindfold a kid and spin the table. They would stick in their hands in one of the bags and either get prizes or “OOEY GOOEY.” Which all the kids in the studio would scream.

Jump ahead 50 plus years and we are sitting around the firepot and Beer Brother Brett decides to screw with us. We were pushing our beer glasses away with the same look of disgust as that poor kid who had “ooey gooey” dripping off his fingers.

Brett loves sour beers. Me and Beer Brother Mark do not (unless it’s being served in the tasting room at Avery… but that is another story). He pulls out a purple can of Ooey Gooey PBJ Sour Ale. It’s from The Brewing Projekt out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is a sour ale with raspberry, blackberry, peanut and peanut flavoring. It tastes nothing like Catawba’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time that we do like (should be releasing soon).

If someone mixed me a drink that had sour ingredients and garnished with some fruit I think I could drink it and enjoy it. But the thought that it was beer was not something my brain could comprehend. It was like trying to figure out why there’s a hockey player is standing in the middle of a football field.

Looking at their website it looks like sour is there still with brews like “Smoofee Sour” and “Puff Tart.” I have to wonder about their “Milkshake IPA.”

The raspberry and blackberry were there. The peanut flavor was there but didn’t jump out as being peanut butter flavoring. I accidentally spilled some and it left some residue. This is not filtered. The color is kinda bright pink. It reminded me of a strawberry Fizzie from my childhood.

It was interesting but like I said, if someone handed me this in a cold glass and said it was a “tart” summertime mixed drink I would say “this seems nice.” But after drinking some barleywine and a double IPA the flavor profile was not what my palate was looking for.

Beer Brother Brett was howling with laughter.


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