A good Pinot Noir pairs well with so many different kinds of food that it can be one of the most versatile wines around. A bad pinot, of which there are many, doesn’t go with much of anything.
ONA Anakena makes an excellent Pinot Noir, full of fruit, lively and engaging on the palette. This is an elegant, bright red wine that is elegant and complex from the first sip. It is light and lean, with aromas of strawberry and spices. Your mouth explodes with fresh cherry. The finish is long and smooth.
ONA Anakena Pinot Noir.
ONA Anakena Pinot Noir.
Pinot Noir grapes grow best in cool climates and the Las Brisas Vineyard in the Leyda Valley of Chile is only six miles from the Pacific Ocean at 328 feet above sea level. The soil is loam to clay-loam, so it retains more moisture compared to nearby vineyards.
The area gets about 16 inches of rain in the winter (June-August) and cool summer temperatures that range from 75 during the day to 45 at night. All this combines to let the grapes mature slowly, which creates more flavor. Anakena farms with sustainable practices, helping the vineyards to produce fine wine for years to come.
After harvest, the wine spends 12-14 months aging in 40% new barrels.
The winery is named after the ONA Tribe, one of the first inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego, in the Chilean Patagonia. They remained isolated for centuries, keeping their spirit intact for as long as they could.
I would serve the wine slightly chilled and let it warm up in the glass.
From: Chile
Winery: In the late 1990s, Felipe Ibáñez and Jorge Gutiérrez, who had been friends since childhood, founded Viña Anakena in Alto Cachapoal, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains with the goal of crafting elegant, innovative, and distinctly New World wines that reflected their origin and Chile´s potential as a producer of world-class fine wines.
Convinced that high quality was synonymous with distinction, they visited the world´s most renowned wine regions to learn the latest viticultural and enological techniques and bring them home to Chile along with the most up-to-date technology for crafting fine wines.
In 1999 they planted their first vineyard in Alto Cachapoal and built the Viña Anakena winery, leaving no detail to chance. This outstanding facility is modern, functional, and beautifully finished.
Today, Viña Anakena has 350 acres in Alto Cachapoal, 300 acres in Leyda, 105 acres in Peumo “the sector of the Cachapoal Valley closest to the coast” and 108 acres planted in the Colchagua Valley. Anakena wines are now consumed in more than 50 countries around the world and are consistently recognized by the most demanding international wine critics.
Anakena was among the first 14 wineries to meet Chile’s stringent Sustainability Code. The code emphasizes environmental friendly practices in the vineyard to manage and protect natural resources.
Cost: $14-16
Year: 2010
ONA Anakena Pinot Noir was great with leftovers.
ONA Anakena Pinot Noir was great with leftovers.
Goes with: Teri and I had this wine with one of our leftover nights where we eat a little of this and a little of that. So we needed a versatile wine.
The offerings were pulled pork from a barbecue, red beans and rice, vegetable beef soup, spaghetti with tomato sauce and salads. Amazingly, the wine tasted pretty good with each dish. Actually, it was much better than pretty good, it was great with everything.
The juicy fruit flavors of the wine balanced the spicy smokiness of the pork and the spice in the red beans. Teri liked it with the spaghetti. The ONA Anakena stood up to everything we threw at it and made the food taste better.
I think this wine would also pair well with chicken wings, pork roast, flavorful fish such as tilapia or tuna, and risotto.

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