The Fall pretty much sucked for actually celebrating Oktoberfest with COVID-19 and all. I bought several to sample just didn’t get around to it.  When Mrs. Dan had a hankering for some sauerkraut I thought this was an opportunity to whittle down the beer out in the garage. Guess we are having a Februfest.

The Wild Heaven Fest Beer was my favorite but it isn’t the Märzen-style brew I’ve typically experienced. I have no true Oktoberfest experiences to compare it to but I’ve had several who have tell me which brews are similar to their German experience.  The Wild Heaven is darker and maltier. It satisfies my dark/slightly sweet palate. It does have a slight touch of bittering hoppy toward the end on the first sip but that seems to go way after your taste buds get zapped with the first few sips. I could drink this all year round. Their website says they use “traditional European Noble Hops.”

The Wild Heaven was my grilling brew. After the brats were boiled in the Leinie with some onions (in the microwave I have to admit) they came out for about 2-4 minutes on the grill. Of course it started to pour while I grilled. I stood in the rain with a giant plastic bin on my head.

I drank the Shiner with the meal. The Keto sauerkraut was pretty darn good. The Shiner was good with the brats. It has a nice crispness when served cold but settles down to a nice subtle malty taste and mouthfeel. The darker flavors were there but it as more like an ale than the almost stout nature of the Wild Heaven. I could enjoy this brew any time of the year. 

For desert I had the Leinie. Very similar to the Shiner. Crisp when cold and first opened. Love it cold. The slightly toasty malty flavor stays consistent throughout the sip through the swallow. It, like the Shiner, has some spicy notes on the finish. 

When enjoying a new brew with a meal I would have the Leinenkugel or the Shiner anytime. It doesn’t detract from what you are eating and quite frankly more enjoyable than have an ice tea or water with a meal.

If I was sitting around and chatting and celebrating music and singing I would go for the Wild Heaven.


The Beers:

Wild Heaven Fest Beer, Avondale Estates GA, 5.5% ABV (label says “German-Style Märzen”)

Leinenkugel Oktoberfest, Chippewa Falls, WI, 5.1% (label says “German-Style Märzen”)

Shiner Oktoberfest, Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner Texas, 5.7% (label says “Märzen Style Beer”)



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