Amathia Garnacha 2011 | Calatayud, Spain

M y first review of the year…. well sort of. My first wine review of the year. Mrs. Dan and I are committed to having a healthier 2014 in all sorts of ways. I’ve actually ridden my exercise bike 8 days out of 9 and eaten a lot more fruits and veggies. Mrs. Dan got a Ninja food blender… Ninja food thing… it does lots of stuff and has now filled the cabinet with more parts than the last food processor ever had. (so much for the New Year resolution of reducing the clutter). I digress.

Mrs. Dan broke out the Ninja and made some very nice chicken salad using lots of low fat/low calorie stuff. She also stopped at Fresh Market and bought some spicy tuna sushi roll made with brown rice. She also bought a bottle of Amathia, a Spanish garnacha.

The bottle looks like it was designed in South Miami. The neck has stripes of various pastels. The name is written in multiple fonts like a ransom note.

I view Spanish wines a lot like some folks view white wines… “I really don’t like white wines but this one I like.” Just substitute Spanish for white and you have what I usually say. That’s a bit harsh because there are a lot of nice Spanish wines I like but often Spanish wines to me are very minerally. Way minerally. They usually match up with great foods from the Spanish wine regions. But I live in Augusta, GA and great Spanish foods is not something you can readily find.

This one on first sip has lots of fruit. It is tempered by a mineral edge that leaves an alum like mouthfeel but only one the first sip and only slightly. But like many wines second tastes are a bit different. Your taste buds have already been whacked so the fruit has a chance to stand on its own.

I like this wine as a sipper but when we had it with the spicy tuna roll my mouth exploded with flavor and spiciness.

I would describe the flavors as jammy but you can’t really pull out many specific flavors when you are eating it with spicy food. Blackberry flavors were apparent to me. It tastes like a garnacha. It also tasted great with some Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb wedges I nibbled on while waiting for dinner.

The label looks like it is from Miami
The label and neck looks like it is from Miami

Mrs. Dan only paid $9.49 for this wine (on sale… I love this woman). Well worth it.

Here’s that the label says “Amathia is the ancient word to describe youth and its exuberance against the established order. That is exactly what you’ll find in your glass. It defies tradition by offering you a full bodied, red wine with a kaleidoscope of deep fruit flavors for a lot less that you would expect to pay for something this good.”

That’s a sales pitch that would appeal to this cheap wine bastard.

Whoa…. Adobe-the-Little-White-Dog must have eaten something she shouldn’t because she just passed some gas that would knock a buzzard off a poop wagon ( to paraphrase the great late George Carlin). I think I need another sip to help clear my memory of that whiff.

Not sure how long its on sale but worth a try for under $10.
By the way, Roger is having a Spanish wine tasting this weekend (Jan. 10 and 11) at the Vineyard. I might have to check it out to see if my list of Spanish wines I like can be expanded.
Winery: Bodegas Breca


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