Steamed shrimp and salad go well with Champagne.

Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve NV, Champagne

Cost: $78-82

What: If you are looking for a nice wine to celebrate the upcoming holidays, Champagne is always a great choice. There are many good sparkling wines at lower prices, but for those special moments real Champagne adds something special.

The Heidsieck is not a wine you would drink every day, but it is perfect to create family memories. It’s bright and lively, full-bodied with a wonderful creamy taste. If anything could be called a party in a bottle, this is it.

Most Champagnes don’t have much aroma, but this rose has some notes of strawberry jam, gingerbread and cinnamon. The flavor dances across your tongue, with hints of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry. It has a delicate, creamy mouthfeel.

Charles Heidsieck Rose Reserve

The blend is one third Chardonnay, one third Pinot Noir and one third Pinot Meunier. It was aged more than 36 months. Champagne is aged in the bottle, not in barrels.

Winery: Charles-Camille Heidsieck founded the company in 1851. His descendants sold it in the 1980s and in 2011 it was bought by the Descours family.

Charles-Camille Heidsieck was a visionary who made a name for himself in the United States 160 years ago by introducing Champagne to the New World. He became the toast of American society, attending parties of all kinds. His nickname was Champagne Charlie.

Typical aging of Champagne in chalk cellars.

This Rose and the Brut Reserve are two new offerings by Heidsieck. Both are spectacular. They are made from first-rate crus and blended carefully. The brut uses 40% reserve wines while the Rose uses 20% reserve wines.

In Champagne each house has its own signature style. It is up to the winemaker to remain true to that style to find a delicate balance of complexity, depth and smoothness while keeping the wine fresh and new. These new Charles Heidsieck blends do it masterfully.

The bottle for these wines has a sleek new shape, inspired by a bottle carved into one of the original chalk cellars in Reims.

Goes with: Champagne pairs well with nearly everything, so you can’t go wrong whatever your serve. My wife Teri and I had it with a simple meal of steamed shrimp and a salad. It made the meal elegant and special.

Champagne is great with elegant meals, but also with spicy food, nuts and cheese. I have had great experiences with Champagne paired with everything from pizza to delicate fish. You can serve it at the beginning of a meal, as a festive finish, or during the main course. It’s all good.

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