A good grass cutting brew?

Butternuts Heinnieweisse

W hen a brew lover says “this beer would be good after cutting the grass” it’s the equivalent of a polite Southerner saying “bless their little heart.” It’s a polite way of bringing up someone’s faults.

This is the last and final can of this brew from a 12 pack sampler I bought back in March. You might argue that it’s probably old beer and I’m being too rough on it but the first can I had of it was back in April and I didn’t care for it then. At least this time I was hot and sweat from cutting the grass and should enjoy it. That’s why beer lovers use this phrase. When you are dripping in sweat and covered with fresh cut grass on a hot summer day a glass of horse piss would probably be refreshing. Now I’m not calling this brew horse piss. I’m just making a point. Bless its little heart.

soap suds on the head
Soap Suds

I was hot and wanted to cool off and I didn’t enjoy this brew from several aspects. When I opened the can it exploded and spewed foam everywhere. The foam looks like soap suds. But I had 1 inch of brew in a pint glass with 8 inches of foam.

It’s definitely an unfiltered brew. A lemony color. Tastes lemony and almost has the tartness of an American sour.

The can says it’s all malt. How can someone brags about having an all malt brew and they can make it taste like it’s all sweet hops. I went to their website to see what they had to say. I give them points for cool copy on their descriptions:

The bright green can is distinctive

Traditional Hefeweizen from Germany usually taste like cardboard because by the time you drink them, they’re not fresh anymore. Chuck brews Heinnieweisse with Bavarian yeast and a 67% wheat grist approximately 5000 miles closer to your mouth than Germany giving it a rich, fully fresh palate. Pour it and see the wheat cloudiness, smell the notes of estery aroma. At 4.9 % abv you’ll taste the effervescent, sweet yet tart freshness that no farty old German can boast. And what does an Alien have to do with any of this? Ever notice how a hop looks like an Alien’s head? Look again.”

Most definitely an unfiltered brew
Most definitely an unfiltered brew

Looks like the tartness is supposed to be there. It is a cloudy brew. I guess the effervescence was what spewed foam all over the kitchen counterop. Now I can’t fault someone for trying something different. I have had some cardboard Hefeweizen but this brew doesn’t float my boat.

I also have some of their other brews I need to finish to complete my 55 brew quest. At least this one is the last one…. darn it. I just looked in the fridge and I have one left. At least next time I’ll know to open it outside.
From: Garrattsville, New York
: Butternuts Beer and Ale


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