I will never drink a Mang-o-rita ever again
I will never drink a Mang-o-rita ever again

Bud Light Mang-o-rita |
I ‘ve had the Lime-a-rita at various tastings, including one at Vineyard Wine Market. I actually liked it. It was very similar to a margarita. I was at a tasting at the Vineyard and bought a single of the Mang-o-rita. I thought it might be a good summer time drink when it’s hotter than hell. Glad I only bought 1.
I’m sure these are technically malt liquors.
Well I had my chance. It was about 99 degrees. Humidity around 65%. I finished pulling up weeds and vines for several hours. I was hot and sweaty and ready for a shower. I opened the can and hit the showers.
It tastes like a mango on steroids. Way too sweet and way too strong on the mango flavor.
I had to stop my shower and get out. My stomach felt as if I had downed battery acid. I can’t describe how bad I felt. About a half a can and I was really hurting. I finally downed about 10 antacids and got to feeling better.
I will never drink another Bud Light Anything-a-rita. That was an experience I never want to repeat.


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