Hogue Cabernet Sauvingnon 2009
 Columbia Valley, Washington | Hogue.

I realized I hadn’t really reviewed a good cheap wine in a while. Unfortunately I found a cheap…. uh… value wine but I can’t say I found a really good one. I had Mr. Ben in the car and needed some milk and bread. I decided to stop at Fresh Market, even though I would spend a bit more for milk and bread, because I would save money getting out the door. That’s because they don’t have toys strategically placed so kids will have public temper tantrums and their frustrated parents will buy a toy to shut them up.

Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon
Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon

I saw a special display near the front hawking Hogue Cabernet Sauvignon for 2 for $12. The good news I didn’t have to buy 2 to get the $6 price.

I opened it with Mrs. Dan later and it was okay. Not great, just okay. It was too dry for my palate. Not heavy on the taste side either. Medium-bodied at best.

I think Mrs. Dan liked it better than me because it was so dry. I would not buy this one again. There are too many wines out there to sample. The bottle says “finely balanced with flavors of blackberry, blueberry and cheery with a touch of vanilla and oak.”

To me this one has a light mouthfeel for a cab. It doesn’t have much of any distinctive flavors that I can pick out. Very dry dark berries is about the best I can taste.

Goes well with a hot dog as long as you don’t put catsup on it. Too dry and slightly tart for my palate. I don’t have any grilled steak to go with it which is the recommendation on the label. It might make a nice food wine. I’ve had their wines before and generally liked them.

Remember where I said I went to Fresh Market to avoid buying a toy. Well Mr. Ben wasn’t paying attention as we wove through the maze of displays and knocked a container of parmesian toast off a display and turned it from little pieces of toast to bread crumbs. I did the right thing and bought it. So much for saving money.

Score: 2 Corks
Dan’s Rating System:

1 Cork: Not good enough to feed to your Vinegar Mother (Goggle that!).
2 Corks: Good enough to go with crushed bed crumbs and a hot dog.
3 Corks: Yummy enough to get you to buy some $20 per pound cheese to go with it.


The toast crumbs

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