O nce again Ninth Street’s monthly in-shop featured some craft beers…. provided you consider hard cider to be a craft beer. Most tastings start with the wines and finish with any beers but at one table they started with two hard ciders. It was an excellent place to start. These two would be excellent starters at an outdoor affair much the same way a nice white wine would.

The two Angry Orchard hard ciders have just enough bite and crispness that I think I might just change my standard summer beverage choice.

On to the wines. The Bonny Doon Contra Red was a very complex set of flavors. I think this one would be nice with some nice grilled meats. I really enjoyed the Layer Cake Shiraz which consistently provides full-bodied flavor and lushness from year to year.

The one wine I did not try but several people commented on was the Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc . One taster, Josh, commented how this would be an excellent wine when sitting around the pool. Nice citrusy flavors and nice enticing aromas.

As usual the food was excellent. Suzanne and her staff always provides a great spread. Unfortunately this will be the last In-Shop tasting until August. They will be taking July off because the tasting would be a bit too close to the Fourth of July.
Where: Ninth Street Wine Market
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12 Ninth Street, Augusta, GA 30901

When: Monday, June 3, 2013, 5:30-7:30 pm
Cost: $10 per person. 706-724-1442. Reservations requested.

Here are the wines and brews presented (click to see more):

  1. Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
  2. Angry Orchard Apple Ginger
  3. Abita Purple Haze
  4. Columbia Cellarmaster’s Riesling 2010
  5. Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  6. Layer Cake Shiraz 2010
  7. Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
  8. Octave Vinho Verde
  9. Jekel Riesling 2011
  10. Les-Vignes de Bila–Haut Cotes du Roussillon Villages
  11. Bonny Doon Contra Red 2009
  12. EOS Cabernet Sauvignon

Here are the detailed brew notes:
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
This crisp and refreshing cider offers sweet apple notes up front with a subtle dryness at the finish for a balanced cider taste. A hint of Fuji apples adds a layer of complexity and brings out a fresh apple aroma and slightly sweet, ripe apple flavor. Apples used
Brewery: Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard Apple Ginger
Our Apple Ginger cider is a unlike any other cider. The addition of Nigerian ginger flavor adds a spiciness and warmth to the cider. The fresh ginger and apple flavors blend together for a sweet, yet slightly tart taste with a distinct ginger aroma. The result is a smooth, refreshing, slightly sweet cider with a subtle dry, yet complex, warming finish from the ginger. TYPES AMERE DE BERTHECOURT, BEDEN, MEDAILLE D’OR, MICHELIN, BINET ROUGE, BRAIRTOT, FUJI, GOLDEN DELICIOUS, RED DELICIOUS, JOANA GOLD, ELSTAR, GRANNY SMITH, GALA, BRAEBURN

From: Cincinnati, Ohio
Brewery: Angry Orchard

Abita Purple Haze
Purple Haze® is a lager brewed with real raspberries added after filtration. It is brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and Vanguard hops. The berries add a fruity aroma, tartly sweet taste and a subtle purple color and haze…you may see fruit pulp in the beer.
This beer is best served with salads or light fruit desserts, such as soufflés or chiffon cakes. Many people enjoy it with chocolate desserts. Purple Haze® pairs well with certain cheeses, such as ripened Brie or any dessert made with mascarpone. It’s also great paired with entrees prepared with fruit, especially citrus. Consider enjoying Purple Haze® alone at the end of your meal as dessert.

From: Abita Springs, Lousiana
Brewery: Abita

Columbia Cellarmaster’s Riesling 2010
Sweet wine. A beautifully balanced wine that has classic floral, Riesling aromas. This wine is almost clear in color as Rieslings have very little pigment and are generally tank fermented. These grapes are selected for this wine because of their higher acidity. This excellent acidity emphasizes the apricot, peachy flavors and creates a good match for strong cheeses, desserts or extremely spicy foods. This wine has a long finish.
Now in screwcap to ensure the ultimate freshness is delivered to you in every glass.
Tasting Notes: Light straw in color, this Riesling offers floral aromas of honeysuckle and peach blossom. Flavors of peaches, tropical fruit and freshly squeezed lime juice with zippy natural acidity and a slight spritz from retained carbon dioxide make the aromas jump out of the glass.

From: Columbia Valley, Washington
Winery: Columbia Winery
Year: 2010

Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc 2012
The color is mid-straw with a bright clarity. The aroma is lifted and pure aromatics of elderflower, red capsicum and fresh gooseberries. Grapefruit, crushed herbs and jalapeno notes add intrigue and pungency. The palate has freshness and clean fruit purity with a finely balanced, clean acidity. It shows vibrant varietal aromas with full impact on the palate, typical of the Marlborough region.
From: Marlborogh, New Zealand
Winery: Whitehaven
Year: 2012
Goes with: A perfect accompaniment to summer salads, poultry and shellfish. Also try it with lobster and fish.

Layer Cake Shiraz 2010
The 2010 Layer Cake Shiraz is outstanding due to virtually perfect growing conditions and rigorous vineyard selections. The wine is incredibly layered and richer than in past years. Bold spice, black plums, dark chocolate, mocha and cherries and black berries abound with a hint of red soil and a faint trace of anise with layers of spice box. Loaded with glycerol mouth feel and capped off with a long creamy finish that just hangs on your palette.–From their Website
From: Australia
Winery: Layer Cake Wines
Year: 2010

Carnivor Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Carnivor Cabernet is big and bold in style, but remains smooth in taste. Toasty flavors of oak, espresso and chocolate bring an edge to the dark jammy fruit in this wine. Petite Sirah grapes lend Carnivor Cabernet its deep purple color and full structure. A touch of Merlot creates suppleness and melds with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah for a long smooth finish. Raise a Glass…. Your Cab Has Arrived.

From: California
Winery: Carnivor
Year: 2010

Octave Vinho Verde
This wine is low in alcohol and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Whether it’s by the pool, relaxing at the beach or just sitting on the porch watching the fireflies light up the night sky, this wine is the perfect choice. Flavors of peach, pear and citrus with hint of spritz.
From: Portugal
Winery: Octave

Jekel Riesling 2011
Influenced by the cool climate of Monterey, the Jekel Riesling is a wine of balanced acidy and weight. Flavors of peaches and lemons linger well into the finish. This wine is medium-dry according to the International Riesling Foundation scale.
From: Monterey, California
Winery: Jekel
Year: 2011

Les-Vignes de Bila–Haut Cotes du Roussillon Villages
The Roussillon history is complex and compelling, and has at times been quite violent. Terraces on stony soil, with a rich geological background and a climate that man has adopted for his crops. The Roussillon was bound to attract Michel Chapoutier’s attention. He decided to locate his domain at Latour de France. Black and brown schist to give the wine a solar touch. Gneiss for minerality and freshness. Combination of Limestone and chalk for strength and balance. Three varieties of grapes grow on the land covered by Domaine de BILA-HAUT. Syrah, with its savage aromas of scrub and spice. Grenache, so full of surprises. And Carignan, for mineral wines with crispy tannic notes. The “Vignes de BILA-HAUT” and the “Domaine de BILA-HAUT Occultum Lapidem” are the main expressions of this terroir. However, Michel Chapoutier wanted to obtain more via this site, to seize the quintessence. It took him six years of standing back, observing and analysing to give life to this precious and exceptional wine called “V.I.T.” which stands for “Visitare Interiore Terrae”. Precious by its blending. Grenache grapes from 70 year old vines, grown on a magnificent plot in the heart of the ‘Garrigue’ scrubland. Enthusiasm, richness and complexity. Then Syrah grapes, ripened slowly on vines grown on clayey limestone soil giving powerful, silky-smooth tannins, and blended with Syrah grapes grown on the company’s most beautiful schist based land. An elegant bouquet and a sophisticated flavour in the mouth. Also exceptional because it is bold, like the people who gave this land its identity. The story is going on in 2008 and is now taking place near the village of Lesquerde. There, the land is made of high limestone based cliffs and dry soils over which the “tramontane” wind blows… Then Michel Chapoutier’s interest for this region rises again and new wine is born: “L’esquerda”. This outstanding wine is mainly based on beautiful Syrah and Grenache grapes from the nicest granitic terroirs. “L’esquerda”, meaning “the fault in the rock” in Catalan, is the faithful expression of a personality, of the identity of a region. Another discovery by Michel Chapoutier.–From their Website
From: Vin de Pays d’Oc, France
Winery: Michel Chapoutier

Bonny Doon Contra Red 2009
This is a red blend of 55% Carignane, 15% Grenache, 15% Mourvedre, 7% Petite Syrah, 5% Zinfandel,and 3% Syrah. Medium-bodied with flavors of black cherry pie filling, earth, spice and vanilla.–From their Website
From: Central, California
: Bonny Doon
Year: 2009

EOS Cabernet Sauvignon
Delivers textbook Cabernet aromas of cassis, blackberry, tobacco and tar. The palate is quite rich with soft, well-integrated tannins. The finish is long and balanced. This fruit-forward wine is the perfect accompaniment to steak, lamb or roasts.
From: Central Coast California
Winery: EOS


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