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I f the lines were too long and the crowds too big at the Masters Mayor’s Reception on the Commons then this was the place to be to get away from the crowds and sample some really nice wines.

Ninth Street Wine Market had their monthly First Monday tasting featuring 13 wines at their shop around the corner from the Augusta Commons.

The first table featured wines from the cellars of Peirano Estates that included their Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon, their “ The Others” both red and white and their Cabernet Sauvignon. The last is still a young wine that could cellar for several years before coming into its own.

On the second table there were several worth noting including the “Estampa Reserve Carménère” which is how Estampa refers to this wine on its website and literature. But U.S. Federal regulations require a wine to contain 75% of a grape to be able to call it a varietal. This wine has 68% Carménère hence the label shows all three grapes. Nice blend with the distinctive Carménère flavors tempered by dryness of the Cabernet Sauvingnon.

Passion Has Red Lips

Another memorable wine was the David Bynum Pinot Noir. If you drink Pinot Noir for its dryness this one isn’t for you. This has some nice flavors and a balance between lushness and the typical light dry mouthfeel of a Pinot.

And no stranger to Ninth Street’s tastings is the Passion has Red Lips, a fun blend from Some Young Punks Winery in Australia. Its bodice-ripper label (the art is from an old pulp fiction novel “Sin on Wheels”)  is not easy to miss. This was popular at a previous tasting.

All and all this was a great way to start off Masters Week.

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Where: Ninth Street Wine Market
12 Ninth Street, Augusta, GA 30901

When: Monday, April 2, 2012, 5:30-7:30 pm
Cost: $10 per person. 706-724-1442.

Here are the wines to be presented (click to see more):

  1. B.R. Cohn Chardonnay 2009
  2. Casteller Cava NV
  3. Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc 2010
  4. Tangent Ecclestone 2007
  5. Estampa Reserve Carménère 2008
  6. Davis Bynum Pinot Noir 2010
  7. Some Young Punks Passion Has Red Lips
  8. Campo Viejo Reserva Tempranillo 2005
  9. Coho Headwaters Red 2008
  10. Peirano Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon
  11. The Other White 2009
  12. The Other Red 2009
  13. Peirano Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Here are the detailed wine notes:


B.R. Cohn Chardonnay 2009
Our 2009 Sonoma County Chardonnay is packed with pear, apple and citrus aromas, and shows exceptional depth and body. It offers rich flavors of green apple with a hint of lemon, and is surrounded by toasty French oak, followed by a clean, crisp, lingering finish. This Chardonnay is fermented in French oak barrels and aged sur lies. It is a blend of the best Chardonnay vineyards in Sonoma’s cool growing regions. Enjoy it on its own, or pair it with your favorite grilled seafood or poultry. I hope you enjoy this wine as much as my family and I do. –From their Website
From: Sonoma County, California
Winery: B. R. Cohn
Year: 2009


Casteller Cava NV
40% Macabeo, 40% Parellada, 20% Xarello.
From: Penedés, Vilafranca, Spain
Winery: Cellar Vilafranca
Year: NV

Rodney Strong Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc 2010
Light, crisp, and highly aromatic, the warmer climate Alexander Valley fruit gives this wine ripe pear and melon character, while the ocean cooled Russian River Valley fruit offers citrus, mineral, and traditional herbaceous qualities. Together, the two valleys make a classic Northern Sonoma sauvignon blanc that is fresh, lively, and will drink beautifully over the next 1 to 2 years.
From: Southern Sonoma, California
Winery: Rodney Strong
Year: 2010

Tangent Ecclestone 2007
“This has become one of my favorite wines to make each vintage. I taste through the individual lots of all the tangent varieties, plus a few “extra” wines. I then make a few different trial blends. The wine seems to take on a life of its own during this process, and I very soon arrive at the final blend. It is an exotic wine, strongly inspired by the wines found in the Alsace region of France. It is very aromatic and flowery, a touch sweet, and wonderfully refreshing. Try it with any spicy food.”–Christian Roguenant, Winemaker–From their Website
From: Edna Valley, California
Winery: Tangent Winery
Year: 2007

Estampa Reserve Carménère 2008
Althought they call this there Reserve Carménère, this is actually a blend of three wines. “Our Reserve 2008 has a deep red violet color.
Aromas remind fresh fruits such as berries, herbs and coffee. Mouth shows some cherries flavors, species and bitter chocolate. The base of Carmenere on this wine provide and elegant character, concentration and a juicy wine with long lasting.”–From their Website
From: Colchagua Valley, Chile
Winery: Estampa
Year: 2008
Grapes: 68% Carmenere, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Cabernet Franc

Davis Bynum Pinot Noir
Davis Bynum Pinot Noir

Davis Bynum Pinot Noir 2010
Russian River Valley pinot noir expresses itself differently depending on location, site specifics,and the nature of the vines themselves. I seek out the golden triangle of the “Santa Rosa plain” region of the valley, just west of Windsor and centered on the intersection of Olivet and River roads. This small area tends to enjoy the very best of the iconic local climate; never too hot during the day, and consistently chilly at night. Then I focus on a handful of vineyards that show superior vine balance thanks to well-drained, shallow and inherently low vigor soils. Finally, I choose a selection of pinot “clones” to enhance complexity, while keeping to the food friendly flavor profile that has always been a hallmark of Davis Bynum: a little lighter, without being lean; a little crisper, without being tart; a little more fruit driven, without being distracting; with a round, soft mouthfeel, and less oak and alcohol than you often find in California pinot noirs.–From their Website
From: Russian River Valley, California
Winery: Davis Bynum
Year: 2010

Some Young Punks Passion Has Red Lips
The label looks like the cover to a bodice-ripper paperback book. The back label says “The whiff and the swill did us in and all that was left to do was to make more. This is Passion, a monster bigger than the three of us that leads us to the soapbox, grandstand, and sometimes sleep on the couch.” As for the wine this cab-shiraz blend aged in new and used French oak barrels. Rich berry flavor combined with a chocolate finish.
From: Clare Valley, Australia
Winery: Some Young Punks

Campo Viejo Reserva Tempranillo 2005
“Dividing our vineyards into plots gives me the chance to select the grape assigned to this Reserva depending on the potential that it shows over successive stages. The result is a round, well-balanced and tasty wine.”
–Elena Adell
Campo Viejo Winemaker

Winemaking and Ageing:
Working from the selected vineyards and after careful elaboration at a controlled temperature this wine stands for 18 months in oak barrels and 18 months in the bottle to complete the ageing.–From their Website
From: Rioja, Spain
Winery: Campo Viejo
Year: 2005

Coho Headwaters Red 2008
Coho Headwaters Napa Valley Red Wine is a “Bordeaux blend” of three varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon (66%); Merlot (32%); and 2% Petite Verdot. Most of the source vineyards for this wine are in the “Coombsville” area of the Napa Valley. This “terroir” provides deep and opaque red color, supple red cherry/wild berry and cassis fruit, and toasty oak on the nose, which then continues to deliver the same fruit tones and integrated oak nuances, with great complexity of flavors and power on the palate. The supple tannins offer a silky fine-grained texture to the wine and a lingering, fruit-forward finish. (These notes are from their website for the 2009 Vintage but is similar except that the 2008 has a fourth grape in the blend, Cabernet Franc).
From: Napa, California
Winery: Coho Wines
Year: 2008

Peirano Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon
Aromas of fresh raspberries, ripe cherries, and red rose petals entice you to take a sip. The burst of mouth watering watermelon and strawberry flavors will leave you reminiscent of the first day of Spring. This Rose’ is an excellent pairing with white meats, grilled veggies, and backyard BBQ beef, or deliciously refreshing sipped on its own. Best when served chilled.–From their Website
From: Lodi, California
Winery: Peirano Estate


The Other White 2009
The 2009 blend consists of 65% Chardonnay, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, and 10% each Viognier. We found this blend to be the best expression of our little corner of the Lodi Appellation. One is immediately struck by the vibrant color of this wine. The aromas of apples, pears, tropical fruit, and a whiff of bubble gum are complemented by hints of coconut and vanilla. Lush flavors of fresh ripe pears, apples, tropical fruit and homemade lemon pie lead to a long, totally seductive, finish.–From their Website
From: Lodi, California
Winery: Peirano Estate
Year: 2009

The Other Red 2009
The 2009 blend consists of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot and 10% Syrah. We found this blend to be the best expression of our little corner of the Lodi Appellation. One is immediately struck by the vibrant color of this wine. The aromas of blackberries and plums are complemented by spice, toasty oak and cedar notes. Upon washing this liquid across the palate, a wave of sweet black cherries and boysenberries, with a hint of smoky, dark oak lead to a long, totally seductive, finish. A great expression of this variety, this wine will gently knock your socks off. ‘The Other’ is a perfect accompaniment to a variety of cuisine.–From their Website
From: Lodi, California
Winery: Peirano Estate
Year: 2009

Peirano Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
The rich, dark color of this wine catches you from the first pour. It exhibits a rich deep burgundy hue with perfect clarity. The aromas are a compendium of dark fruit – blackberry, black raspberry, and currant – with elements of toasty oak, chocolate, dark roasted coffee bean, sage and spices. A sip fills the mouth with blackberry pie, with hints of rich, ripe black cherries, sweet oak and white pepper, while maintaining absolute dryness and firm, yet supple, tannins. This delicious Cabernet is ready to drink now and will continue to age gracefully for the next 6 to 8 years.–From their Website
From: Lodi, California
Winery: Peirano Estate
Year: 2009


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