Fisheye Cab
Fisheye Cab

Fisheye Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
South Eastern Australia | Fisheye.
I almost didn’t review this one. Mrs. Dan got to it first. I was out fixing someone’s network and she got an 6-hour head start.
I figured it better review it before it’s gone. I’d hate to have to purchase a second bottle just to find out I don’t like it.
This is the first 2012 Cab I’ve tried. Being from South Eastern Australia they are a season ahead of the California cabs.
As I sit here with my feet propped up watching Dr. Who, I see that it has a nice looking dark ruby color. The aroma smells a bit acidic, a little like guacamole. Ooops. I was eating some quac earlier and didn’t change glasses. I think I need a new glass and a new pour.
Now it smells like shoe polish. Hmmm. This isn’t looking good.
Good, it tastes better than it smells. It’s fruit-forward but has a much drier finish that the fruit suggests. It has a very light mouthfeel for a wine that looks that dark. Blackberry best describes this one. I checked out their site and it says “Cherry and blackberry with a hint of pepper on the nose.”
Lots of wine folks use nose as a nebulous term. I use it in the context of “aroma.” I took another whiff and I think maybe some white pepper aromas. White pepper flavored shoe polish. Cherry. I guess so. Saying Cab and Cherry in the same sentence is pretty common. I think the blackberries win here. They recommend pairing it with “charboiled cheeseburger with jalapeno poppers. Bratwurst piled high with sauerkraut.” I’m not in a position to try any of those so I’ll take their word for it.
Here’s the best part. It was on sale for $5 a bottle. So, I think is a great Cheap Bastard Wine. (I saved a whopping 99 cents). Now this is not a great cab (not sure I would serve it to Dennis) but pretty darn good for the price. I might have to purchase another bottle before it goes off sale.
Score: 3 Corks
Dan’s Rating System:
1 Cork: Pretend it’s out of date and pour in the vinegar pot.
2 Corks: Serve it when un-expected guests show up while you are trying to watch Dr. Who.
3 Corks: Serve it with a some turkey burgers fresh off the grill, sit back and enjoy Dr. Who.


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