Campus Oaks Old Vine Zinfandel
Campus Oaks Old Vine Zinfandel

Campus Oaks Old Vine Zinfandel 2007
Okay, I can’t write this up as a Cheap Bastard because I didn’t hold to my cheap values. I paid $10.99. I’m also tired of making decisions. “What color would you like to paint the walls?”, “Do you want to have rib-eye or pork tonight?”, “Do these pants make me look fat?”

I opened this for Mrs. Dan as I was heading out the door for a photo shoot (I took shots of a really cool wine closet for Mark of Vinworx). I took a little sip and thought “they finally found a way to ferment cherry Kool-aid.” It was as fruity a Cab as I’ve ever tasted. After getting home from Aiken and making sure everyone was tucked in for the night I poured a glass so I could review it. Oops. This isn’t a Cab, it’s an Old Vine Zin.

I checked my receipt and found I bought this back in May. I paid more than $10 because at the time I was gaga over Old Vin Zins. I can’t remember if it was on sale or if this was the regular price.

Campus Oak Old Vine Zin
Campus Oak Old Vine Zin

I’m on the fence on this one. It is really fruity. The label says “jammy mid range of mixed berries…….” More like jelly. This is one of the most fruit intense Zins I’ve ever tried. I like it but I shouldn’t. If I drank a Cab like this I would be trashing it. It leaves a bit of dryness on the tip of the tongue while leaving a lush feeling on the sides of the tongue. There is a really jammy, fruity, lingering lasting finish. Very long lasting. It is very much a Zinfandel. Just a really fruity one. I’m still wondering why I thought it was a Cab.

Now that it has been open for a while it’s not as sweet. I turn back to the back label for guidance. “Hand selected grapes for 80+ year old vines. Enjoy a wonderful fruit forward nose of raspberries and cherries followed by a jammy mid range of mixed berries with a hint of vanilla wrapped in oak, ending with a delightful silky finish.” This is a 2007. I have to wonder what this would have tasted like 2 years ago? I have to wonder what it would taste like in 2 years? Oak? Can’t seem to find it in the middle of the fruit frenzy going on in my mouth.

Now for the second opinion. Mrs. Dan liked it but said she liked the Veo Grande Cabernet Sauvignon from last night better (much drier). Very fruity she said.

Time to get off the fence. This is a wine I have to be in the mood for. It is too fruity to a great degree. I tend to gulp wines like this rather than savor them. I don’t like gulping wines. This isn’t beer. At $10.99 I might buy a bottle and put it away for a couple of years. But then again do I want to give up precious wine rack space for a wine that “might” mellow out with age.

If you really like full-bodied lush fruity wines then give this one a try. If you like dry reds then don’t. Like I said. I’m tired of making decisions and tonight I’m just too tired. And no, those pants do not make you look fat.
From: Lodi, California
Winery: Gnekow Family Winery
Purchased: Vineyard Wine Market
Cost: $$10.99
Year: 2007


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