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D9 Brown Sugar Brown Cow |Lake Norman, NC
I had been updating the church website while waiting for the Wednesday night dinner to start when Mrs. Dan suggested we take a break and head around the corner to The Hive on 10th Street.
Excellent idea. Since we had to head back to church I only had a sniffer of one brew. I picked the Brown Sugar Brown Cow. I wanted something dark and malty and that seemed to be the best on the 74 taps. (Actually I had too many to choose from).
Nice thin light brown head. Has some nice vanilla flavors, smooth mouthfeel. Sweet on first sip then I could taste a hint of sour funk. On second and third sip the funk was gone. As it warms it gets smoother. This is a nice little brew.
I had no clue as to who or where Brown Sugar Brown Cow was from. The menu disappeared before I could figure that out. So I Googled it and found out that Lake Norman, NC has a brewery.
Here’s how they describe it on their website: “This Mocha Brown ale needed a fanatical bovine with a brown sugar sweet side and a kick of Colombian coffee. Brown Sugar Brown Cow is brewed with chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar and Colombian coffee. We added a hint of lactose, and this brew is a mocha coffee and cream concoction so good you’ll say its name.”
Glad to see that this is a year-rounder. Looking at their selection they have IPA’s (including a Tropical IPA), and a lot of sour ales. Since IPAs and sours aren’t my first choice of brews I think I would have to find somewhere who can provide a flight for tasting.
With their fancy for sour ales (Whiskers Blonde Sour, Viking Scottish-Style Sour etc) I think that funk I was tasting is from their style of making brews.
I was surprised at Avery’s last year how many sours they make that I liked. Maybe I need to stop by and check out their taproom next time I’m headed up I-77.
In the meantime The Hive is having a Wicked Weed Tap Takeover, November 3rd from 5pm til closing. They have 40 taps of Wicked Weeds’ Brew slated.
Brewery: D9 Brewing Co.


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