Nice brew for a low country boil

Victory Summer Love Ale |Downingtown, Pennsylvania
I It was 96 damn degrees on Saturday and 98 damn degrees on Sunday. It’s not supposed to get this hot in May. I have been rebuilding our back deck for Mrs. Dan’s birthday (which was a month ago–I got a bit behind). I sawed and cussed and skinned my legs and cussed some more over the poor quality “premium” lumber I bougtht from Lowes. I was hot and sweaty and wishing I had spent some quality time spraying on suntan lotion.
After losing about 5 lbs from sweating (literally) and finishing the last board I could barely make it to the back door. As I sat there in a daze, next to the little fridge in the garage, I couldn’t help myself and pulled out a bottle of Victory Summer Love.

Available in can, bottle and draft

Right then and there it was the best beer I’ve ever had. Now I have to admit I say that every time I drink a beer after cutting the grass or riding my bike in hot weather. But this one is a nice summer ale. Its got piney resin flavors that you smell and taste up front. To some they might say it was an East Coast IPA. But it’s got a slightly sweet edge that melds with the piney flavors and helps for a maltier mouthfeel than you would expect. It doesn’t taste malty though or maybe a little bit as it warms. That’s probably from the Pilsner, CaraPils malts they use. It slowly ends with a bit of dry hoppy bitterness. They are using Citra, Simcoe, Tettnang, Cascade hops.
The pine aromas hit you as soon as your pour. Hint of lemon. The piney smells and tastes are abundant.
I had been trying this beer, in cans and bottles, over the past few weeks with various foods and situation. I had been waitng to try it with true summer weather. Whether in cans or bottles, it is consistent in flavor and mouthfeel. I had one with a low country boil. It went nicely with the shrimp and the sausage.
I’ve had one while sitting back and cleaning the pool. This has summer seasonal written all over it. This is the 9th season for Summer Love. Victory released it in a 15 can-pack this year. It’s 5.2% ABV so you can enjoy more than one in the summer heat. Being in cans is nice so you don’t have to worry about glass around the pool.
They started shipping in early April and will be available until Augusta. I had planned to review this earlier but got a sinus infection that messed up my palate for a few weeks. Then I was waiting for some summer-like weather to put it to the taste. Mother nature provided that for sure this weekend. I’ve got one left. I’m saving it for my first bike ride of the season.
Brewery: Victory Brewing


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