Westbrook Orange Bliss
Westbrook Orange Bliss

Westbrook Orange Bliss | Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

T omorrow is the annual World Beer Festival being held in Columbia. At Wine World the other night I saw the newly released Westbrook Orange Bliss. I figured that Westbrook should be there and I could do a pre-review. This “chocolate orange stout” celebrates their 3rd anniversary. Funny how a beer than made a reputation on selling good canned craft beers are now selling these 22 oz bottles.

I really like their White Thai brew.

The label says “Our Third Anniversary beer is inspired by the classic combination of dark chocolate and oranges. A dark and roasty imperial stout base is infused with cocoa nibs, copious amounts of fresh oranges, and a hint of vanilla. Can be enjoyed now or cellared up to one year.

Best served at 55 degrees in a tulip or snifter glass. May be cellared for up to one year.. It also has a bottled on date of 11/26/13.

I decided to share this with Mark. I didn’t want to drink 22oz by myself. Plus my cheap bastard core was hurting in that I paid $9.68 for this brew. I guess that’s okay since my price limit is usually $10 for wine but I generally don’t drink a bottle of wine in one sitting and if I do it’s with several people.

Kinda hard to put the genie back in the bottle once you pop the top on a beer.

I tossed this puppy in the freezer to get it cold since I only had about an hour before heading over to Mark’s. I think I’ll be a bit below the 55 degree mark they recommend.

Surprise. Mark just showed up. I pulled out some brandy sniffers and poured him some. “Unusual flavor… not that that’s bad,” Mark said. ” Definitely a sipping beer. I kinda like it cold. Don’t know how much I would like it warmer.”

You can’t taste the high alcohol (it’s 9.1 ABV). But after a half glass you can feel the alcohol.

If you pour just a little in the bottom and swirl and it’s like swirling motor oil. It coats the glass and slowly drifts down. The foamy edge is a dark brown. The finish is both bitter and malty. The bitterness is on the back sides of your mouth while the roof and tongue stays malty. The flavors on the lingering finish is like dark dried dates.

As it warms up it becomes even more toasty, almost approaching burn wood.

Not a brew I would drink every day especially at $10 a bottle. But it was a nice brew to sit down and enjoy with a friend.

Happy anniversary Westbrook.

Here’s some videos we did last year. The first is a short on Aviator Brewing, a North Carolina brewer and the second is from Conquest Brewing of Columbia who made a special World Beer Festival brew for this year.


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