Flora Springs Trilogy 2013, Napa Valley
Cost: $78-82
E veryone has their Masters traditions. Some wear special clothes, some sit at certain spots on the course, some eat special foods.
My tradition is to break out the good wine. Even when I had to work late at night during the tournament, I would take a night or two and open special bottles of wine to celebrate the greatness that the Masters Tournament forces us to think about.
Sometimes friends would join me and we would discuss why Augusta couldn’t be great the other 51 weeks of the year, why we can’t shoot par, or why we don’t drink great wine every night.
The tournament isn’t as central to my life as it used to be, but I still like to celebrate this week. This year I’m celebrating a family wedding joining two wonderful people, Erin and Gary, who will unite to form their own special greatness.
Flora Spring Trilogy
Flora Spring Trilogy
Flora Springs Trilogy is a perfect wine for a special occasion. It is a New World expression of a Bordeaux blend, big and bold. The blend changes yearly, but Cabernet Sauvignon is the dominant grape. The 2013 blend is 87 percent cab, 7 percent petit verdot and 6 percent malbec. The wine was aged 22 months in 73 percent French oak and 27 percent American oak.
The winery’s signature blend is rich and dark, with a powerful nose of blackberries and cherries. As it opens it reveals a variety of tastes, including blackberries, licorice, chocolate and plum. It is a sexy, voluptuous wine, with good structure and silky tannins. The finish is long and smooth. It is a wine you can sip all night long, but the flavors really explode when you pair it with a good meal.
The grapes came from estate vineyards in the Rutherford (82 percent) and Oakville (18 percent) appellations. It was a banner year in Napa, and the grapes reached maximum ripening.
The Komes and Garvey families who own the winery were among the pioneers who made the first Meritage wines, blending Bordeaux varietals in a New World style. Sometimes the blend includes cabernet franc. Their first effort was in 1984 and since then the family has been selecting the highest quality wine lots from their estate vineyards to make Trilogy.
You should open this wine an hour before you start drinking. This wine can be cellared for 10 years or more.
Winery: Jerry and Flora Komes were looking for a place to retire in 1978 when they came across a ghost winery in the northwest corner of the Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. Flora especially was captivated by the 19th Century winery at the base of the Mayacamas Mountains that had fallen into disrepair.
Their son John Komes thought they should restore the winery and actually produce wine. After a lot of work by the whole family, that is exactly what they did. They restored the stone building and expanded the caves dug into the hillside to 1,000 linear feet. They have been making great wine ever since.
The wine is named after Flora and the natural springs on the property, but the whole family worked at bringing the winery to life. That included Jerry and Flora Komes and their children, John and his wife Carrie and Julie Garvey and her husband Pat.
About 90 percent of the winery’s red wine is sourced from their 650 acres of organically-farmed, sustainable vineyards.
Besides Trilogy, the winery produces several tiers of outstanding wines. The Napa Valley series includes a cab, a merlot, a chardonnay and a sauvignon blanc. They also produce several single vineyard cabs, and a number of artisanal wines that include a barrel fermented chardonnay.
The estate blends history with state-of-the-art technology and environmentally conscious techniques. Specifically tailored stainless steel and concrete fermenters are sized to match the blocks of the nine estate vineyards. The family tries to craft each wine to reflect the place in which it was grown.
Furthering the family’s commitment to sustainability, the winery is run primarily by solar power.
Third-generation vintners and cousins Nat Komes and Sean Garvey, both of whom grew up at the winery washing barrels and sweeping floors, are now poised to take over the operations.
Trilogy paired perfectly with vegetable beef soup.
Trilogy paired perfectly with vegetable beef soup.
Goes with: We had the Flora Springs Trilogy with my favorite homemade soup, vegetable beef. That is not a traditional pairing, for a wine as big as this. But I felt certain this powerhouse would be great with a juicy steak or prime rib, and I wanted to see how it performed with an ordinary meal.
It was spectacular. The soup has many different flavors, from all the vegetables and beef, and it is hearty, so not every fine wine would be able to handle that. But the Trilogy never wavered. It was so good it made me love this soup even more.
It’s likely some of you wonder why anyone would drink an expensive wine like this with such an ordinary meal as soup. You do it because it elevates the whole meal. It turns a weeknight ho-hummer into a special occasion. I have done this for years, and it always works.
Don’t save your best wines to impress your friends or your boss. Enjoy them with your family and friends and lift everyone’s spirits.
This wine definitely will pair well with all kinds of beef and lamb such as braised short ribs or lamb chops, hearty stews, aged cheeses and chocolate fudge.

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