There was a good First Friday crowd at Wine World

Y ou know a wine is popular when you hear “I only drink white but….” or “I never drink sweet wines but….”. I heard that several times tonight when people told me that they don’t like sweet wines or Rosés but really liked the Finca Venta Don Quijote Rosado de Garnacha. This little gem goes well with spicy Asian food and Dick Benjamin recommended taking a bottle of this to Szechuan  Garden on Walton Way (They welcome you to bring your own wine to enjoy with dinner…. but you might have to provide your own wine glasses).

Dick had several great wines at his table tonight. The Pietra Santa Pinot is a nice little sipper. The Calling All Angels Chardonnay was the other “I don’t normally like…” wine of the evening. Several people said they were either tired of drinking chardonnay or generally stick with reds said how nice this wine is. No oak, just a nice flavorful wine that isn’t in your face. The tasting notes mention vanilla bean notes and I think that’s the flavor I was trying to describe.

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The last two wines of the evening, the Honoro Vera Garnacha and the Thorny Red were the center of discussion at the red table.

Rob and Rachael were divided between the two (she liked the Garnacha and he the Thorny Red). He did offer up the Chardonnay as one of his favorites as well.

Molly said the Rosado de Garnacha was “the real winner of the evening.” Once again I heard “I don’t normally like sweet wines.”

A nice way to spend First Friday.
Where: Wine World, 133 Georgia Ave., North Augusta, SC

When: Friday, September 7, 2012, 5 to 8 pm
Cost: $5, with rebate on the purchase of 1 bottle of the featured wines.

Here are the wines presented (click to see more):

  1. Pietra Santa Pinot Grigio 2010
  2. Save Me, Calling All Angels Chardonnay 2010
  3. Finca Venta Don Quijote Rosado de Garnacha 2011
  4. Marqués de Riscal Proximo 2009
  5. Honoro Vera Garnacha 2010
  6. Thorny Rose Red Blend 2009

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Here are the detailed wine notes:
Pietra Santa Pinot Grigio 2010
Beautiful, classy Pinot Grigio from a small family producer. Citrus aromas and flavors of mango and lemon. Rich fruit, yet lively with good acidity. Crisp & refreshing. Terrific aperitif. Versatile food wine. Seafood, chicken, pork. Salad of raw Asparagus with fennel.  Thai-style Halibut (winery recipe). Crab Cakes with Aioli Sauce. Shrimp Risotto.
From: Monterey, California
Winery: Pietra Santa
Year: 2010

Save Me, Calling All Angels Chardonnay 2010
Fruit-forward, medium-bodied Chardonnay.  Pear & citrus aromas and flavors with a hint of pineapple and slight vanilla bean notes. Another big hit from the multi-award winner band Train. (Proceeds go to Save the House, Inc. which provides temporary housing to families of children
undergoing cancer treatment.)  Serve only slightly chilled to get thefull flavors. Wonderful for sipping. Roast chicken, broiled fish, grilled pork. Creamy sauces.
From: Livermore, California
Winery: Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co.
Year: 2010

Finca Venta Don Quijote Rosado de Garnacha 2011
“Carmen Dolores” Grenache Rosé is slightly/medium sweet with opulent aromas and flavors of strawberries, raspberries, and apples. Crisp, refreshing finish. A great aperitif. Spicy Asian cuisine. Cajun dishes. Fruit salads or compotes.

From: Spain
Winery: Finca Venta Don Quijote
Year: 2011

Marqués de Riscal Proximo 2009
Wine World Red Wine Selection for September. Plump and juicy with blackberry and red cherry fruit with a touch of earth and licorice.  Silky texture, soft finish. An impressive new wine from an impressive old winery. (Actually their new building is an exciting, very modern structure.)
This is the first vintage of “Proximo” a new Rioja project from Marques de Riscal. Virtually no oak influence: aged in 10-year old barrels, i.e. neutral oak, for 10 months.  93% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano and 2% Manzuelo from Rioja, Chorizo with couscous & grilled peppers.
Cablanca cheese. A real treat and a great value!
From: Rioja, Spain
Winery: Marqués de Riscal
Year: 2009

Honoro Vera Garnacha 2010
What a bargain!  Lush flavors of blackberries, cherries and raspberries  with hints of herb, earth and spice. Old-vine Grenache made from clusters hand-selected for ripeness, from one of Spain’s most esteemed producers.  The rich fruit continues through the finish. Grilled steaks, burgers, lamb patties, spicy sausages. Rosemary flatbread and dark olives. Manchego.
From: Calatayud, Spain
Winery: Bodegas Ateca
Year: 2010

Thorny Rose Red Blend 2009
A full bodied red blend of 48% Merlot, 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Malbec, and 1% Syrah. Aromas and flavors of black cherry, dark plum, chocolate, and mocha. Grill a T-Bone Steak. Burgers. Moussaka. Portobello mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese.

From: Columbia Valley, Washington State
Winery: Thorny Rose
Year: 2009


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