Michael was at the red table

G reat tasting. I was very impressed with the Tricky Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere 2017. Having 10% of a red grape make for nice earthy tones without adding any apparent change in colorf. The Zestos Blancos Old Vines Malvar 2016 was also a surprise. I had never had the Malvar grape. Nice fruit flavors that wasn’t loaded with sweetness. Got nice body but still crisp.
Andrew was at the white table

I’ve had Chenin Blanc-Viognier blends before. This one I like very much. The Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier 2016 almost has a sparkling quality to it. I can enjoy this wine when it’s hot or cold outside.
Over to the red table I liked them all. Each had dark flavors that I like without having too much minerality. Each of these would make an excellent food wine especially if meat is served.
Next up for Wine World is their Third Thursday tasting on October 18, 2018 (unless they sneak a seminar in before then).
Where: Wine World, 133 Georgia Ave., North Augusta, SC
When: Friday, Oct. 5, 2018, 5 to 8 pm
Cost: $5, with rebate on the purchase of 1 bottle of the featured wines
Here are the wines presented (click to see more):

  1. Tricky Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere 2017
  2. Zestos Blancos Old Vines Malvar 2016
  3. Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier 2016
  4. Castel Del Lupo Pinot Noir Oltrepò 2016
  5. Lucien Lardy 2015 “Vignes de 1951” 2017
  6. Sassoregale Sangiovese 2016

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Tricky Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc/Carmenere 2017 | Maule Valley, Chile
90% Sauvignon Blanc 10% Carménère. Fresh citrus notes mingled with pineapple and fresh herbs. Nice acidity, balanced mouthfeel, citrus & mineral finish. Website
Zestos Blancos Old Vines Malvar 2016 | Madrid, Spain
This full-bodied, fresh, crisp white will turn your head with its assertive stone fruit, white peach and fresh apricot aromas and fresh, easy drinking character. Zestos Blanco will pair excellently with wrapped sandwiches, sushi, chicken kabobs, chicken burritos and just about any fresh shellfish or seafood you can think of, especially swordfish, sea bass and monkfish.
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier 2016 | California
Crisp and tangy, with a green-apple aroma, vivid apple and lime flavors and lively acidity. Grilled Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, Fried Clams, Sweet n’ Sour Shrimp, barbecue eel sashimi. Website
Castel Del Lupo Pinot Noir 2016 | Oltrepò, Pavese, Italy

Organic. Pronounced, warm, ripe, black-fruited, spicy and complex aromas. Lively acidity offsets the ripe wild plum and bramble fruit and the palate combines concentration, delicacy and structure. A great match with rich pasta dishes and middle aged cheeses. Website
Lucien Lardy “Vignes de 1951” 2017 | Beaujolais, France
Crimson red robe with purple tints. The nose is very fruity with blackcurrant notes. In the palate, the wine is also fruity, supple with a bright and mineral finish. Country pate, cured meats, cheese, pasta, mexican and/or asian dishes. Website
Sassoregale Sangiovese 2016 | Tuscany, Italy
Its color is a bright ruby red. On the nose, it is clean and precise, with hints of morello cherries, wild berries and a moderate spiciness. On the palate it reveals a full-bodied, assertive flavor, which expresses both great intensity and elegance. Ideal with grilled red meats, also with matured salt pork products or the traditional sheep’s milk cheeses of Tuscany. Website


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