Tasters Friday Night at Wine World
Tasters Friday Night at Wine World

I stopped by around 6:45 and Wine World was packed. It was good to see both new and familiar faces. I’m seeing more and more groups of friends attending their first wine tasting. And they are coming back, thus the crowd.
I was impressed with the white selection tonight especially with the Manuel Suarez Fatum 2014 and the Caves de L’Angevine Rosé d’Anjou 2014 (okay it’s not white but it was at the “white” table). The crispness of the Manuel Suarez Fatum 2014 would make this a great wine for when it starts getting a bit warmer. I can’t say I’ve had the Airen grape before. The citrus is different to my palate than some of the other wines that are desribed as “citrus.” I’m picking up tangerine flavors. I would enjoy this wine with or without food.
I like the Caves de L’Angevine Rosé d’Anjou 2014 for similar reasons. I can drink this alone or with correctly paired foods. I don’t buy many dry rosés because I typically only enjoy them when paired with cheese or other nibbles. I don’t care for a dry rosé as an apéritif. I typically don’t drink the sweet rosés because the sweetness usually lingers too long. But in this case this rose starts off with some fruit then goes dry. I can enjoy this wine either way, with or without food.
The crowd Friday night
The crowd Friday night

At the red table I liked all three but I was most impressed with the Domaine Forca Real Mas Garrigue 2013 and the Garnet Pinot Noir 2013. I feel the Domaine Forca Real Mas Garrigue 2013 would satisfy me while dinner is in the oven or once it has been served. The Garnet Pinot Noir 2013 is more of a Califorinia style of Pinot. It drinks a bit like a Cab but has Pinot taste characterists. I would love to have a second sample of this one.
I’m not sure how to describe the Bonny Doon A Proper Claret 2013. I looked at the tasting notes and it described complex flavors including cedar & mint notes. I don’t think one sample of this wine is enough. I didn’t fall in love with it on first sip but I was a bit mystified or maybe intrigued. This is one of those wines you want to take to a wine (or book) club meeting and discuss it with friends. What does it taste like after it opens up.?… after the third sip? Does it do better with food? etc . I think you could talk someone into liking this wine. After studying it’s complexity you might talk yourself into enjoying it. I asked a couple of tasters what they thought and they admitted they weren’t sure what to think of it. Now I know which bottle to “discuss” at the next gathering.
And the cheeses: It was Daneko Creamy Havarti, Orange Windmill ILeyden and Point Reyes’ Original Blue Farmstyle cheese.
Next up for Wine World is their Third Thursday tasting on Feb 18 followed by their Attack of the Clones Seminar (postponed from December) on Feb. 26th.

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Where: Wine World, 133 Georgia Ave., North Augusta, SC
When: Friday, Feb. 5, 2016, 5 to 8 pm
Cost: $5, with rebate on the purchase of 1 bottle of the featured wines.
Here are the wines presented (click to see more):

  1. Manuel Suarez Fatum 2014
  2. Richel Apremont 2014
  3. Caves de L’Angevine Rosé d’Anjou 2014
  4. Domaine Forca Real Mas Garrigue 2013
  5. Bonny Doon A Proper Claret 2013
  6. Garnet Pinot Noir 2013

Here are the detailed wine notes:
Manuel Suarez Fatum 2014 | La Mancha, Spain
80% Airen grape. Crisp & refreshing. Well-balanced. Minerality & citrus aspects. Grilled sardines with green pepper. Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce, Garlic prawns. Herbed Pork loin. Braised Chicken thighs. Zucchini Linguine with herbs.Tangy cheeses. Website
Richel Apremont 2014 | Vin de Savoie, France
100% Jacquére grape. Light & fresh, this crisp white shows floral aromas & pear flavors with full mineral notes & excellent acidity. Serve with fondue. Mountain cheeses. Wines from the Savoy are seldom available to us. We’re delighted to be able to offer you this excellent example—and at an affordable price. Website
Caves de L’Angevine Roséd’Anjou 2014 | Loire, France
This lovely rosé begins with a hint of sweetness, then becomes dry and finishes with a pleasant tartness for a refreshing ending. Full strawberry aromas and flavors with a note of raspberries. Roast chicken. Great with Chicken Curry. Salads. Shrimp. A spicy Paella. Grilled salmon. Salads. Aperitif.
Domaine Forca Real Mas Garrigue 2013 | Languedoc, France
Grenache Noir, Carignan, Syrah. A very good Rhone-style blend. Aromatic. Ripe red fruits: cherries & raspberries with a spice aspect. Round tannins. Smoked pork chops, rosemary potatoes,. Grilled spicy sausages. Tuscan-style bean dishes. Lamb kebobs. Website
Bonny Doon “A Proper Claret” 2013 | Central Coast, California
46% cabernet sauvignon, 17% merlot, 15% tannat, 13% petit verdot, 8% syrah, 1% petite sirah. Creative blend suggests black plums, roasted red-bell pepper, chocolate, cranberries. Cedar & mint notes. Leg of lamb and Yorkshire pudding. Beef steaks Braised short ribs. Website
Garnet Pinot Noir 2013 | Monterey, California
Lush body and silky texture. Aromas include ripe blackberries, cherry preserves, vanilla, hazelnuts. Flavors of dark red fruits, exotic spices & earthiness. Duck confit. Lamb Stuffed Eggplant. Pizza. Ratouille. A good hamburger.Olive Tapenade. Bacon-wrapped Mushrooms. Wine Enthusiast, 92 pts. Wine.com, 92 pts. Website


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