Estancia Cabernet 2016|Paso Robles California
F or goodness-sake. It’s February 24th and it’s 80 degrees. We have azaleas starting to pop, the bradford pear is littering my driveway. I just finished mowing the grass and fertilizing the weeds. I can’t decide what hurts worse, my feet or my back.
Mrs. Dan made some sweet potato chips and a $5 rotisserie chicken and a $6.99 bottle of wine from Costco. It was a perfect dinner to recover from a day of yard work. She bought two wines at $6.99. I recognized one as a fairly bad wine we received in a Christmas package. So I selected the Estancia Cab.
I popped it open and as usual took a quick sip without giving it a chance to open up. Yuck. A bit tart. A funny sense of sweetness on the tip of the tongue but every other part of my mouth was saying yuck.
I loaded by plate up with some chicken and some fresh mozzarella. I took another sip and yum. What the difference a minute made. Nice cherry and boysenberry flavors. Nice medium body. Tasted wonderful with the chicken.
Mrs. Dan agreed with that first sip. She also agreed with the second sip. This is a nice little wine especially at that price point. Might have to stock up. A good Cheap Wine Bastard wine.
Winery: Estancia


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