Hilton Head Brewing Hefe with a Witch Doctor from the Sand Bar

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T he last time I spent some time at Hilton Head was in 1969. Back then it was just cottages and about 3 restaurants. Now it’s just like anywhere else, complete with a Home Depot, a Fresh Market and every fast food and fancy schmantzy restaurant you can think of.
The Dave-in-Laws had rented a condo for a couple of weeks so it was sort of a quick hop to spend a weekend or two enjoying sunrises over the Atlantic and introducing Mr. Ben to the fine art of sea shell hunting. And it wasn’t super crowded.
One day we walked up the beach and ventured a couple blocks over to The Sand Bar on Pope Avenue. There I was introduced to Hilton Head’s first brewery appropriately named Hilton Head Brewing Company.
I ordered their Hefe that was on tap. This is Hilton Head Brewing’s take on a Hefeweizen. It is a nice take.
Sweet orange edges in the mouth that is smooth and lush. It was served nice and cold. Super cloudy so I assume it’s not filtered. Mrs. Dan ordered one with a orange slice. I don’t think it needed one.
A nice orange color makes it rather enticing.
Smooth but still has a nice tingly effervescence. It has a definite banana aroma and flavor. I could drink this on a regular basis. Shame it was gone before the food arrived. As it warms the orange fades and the banana starts to come out more. I went to their website and wasn’t surprised that it’s only 7 IBU.
They describe it as “overwhelming banana aroma and flavor burst forth from this beer with mild notes of clove beneath. Easy to drink, Impossible to put down. IBU 7. Hallerfau and Saaz hops.”
Maybe that orange I was sensing was the cloves. Or the bright orange color might have influenced my taste buds.
I ordered the Witch Doctor sandwich with is blackened shrimp, green peppers, onions and smoked sausage on a toasted hoagie roll. What the heck, this sandwich is so good I ordered another Hefe. They have several brews in cans but I don’t know if this one is. Maybe next year I might have to venture down and visit the brewery.
Being a Western Michigander, Mrs. Dan had never seen a sunrise over water.

Hilton Head Brewing Hefe with a Witch Doctor
Hilton Head Brewing Hefe with a Witch Doctor


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