Watching SEC Bowl games with a Naked Pig
Watching SEC Bowl games with a Naked Pig

Naked Pig Pale Ale
I guess the Bulldogs are thankful for Vanderbilt. Without Vanderbilt Georgia would be the only SEC school to lose a bowl game so far this year.

From the Back Forty Website
From the Back Forty Website

With four SEC schools already putting W’s in the win column I decided to finally review this beer. I associate this beer with going to Auburn Football games. I discovered it at a convenience store at Auburn early in the season. I have to admit drinking this brew does not necessarily bring back pleasant memories. I bought a six before the Auburn-Alabama game. We got our asses kicked that day. I kept back one bottle. I had already reviewed Back Forty’s Truck Stop Honey.

I didn’t drink the Naked Pig while watching the Chick Fil A Bowl because I was at Mark’s house for New Years and was drinking his beer (including a Sammiclaus). I saved it for today since there were 3 SEC teams playing. Florida came through. South Carolina kicked some serious butt. Georgia…… well….. come on. How can you blow a game so bad. I admit I feel bad for Blair Walsh. He blew it against South Carolina. Did he blow it for Georgia? He didn’t help but I think you would have to run down the roster before getting to him. Brandon Boykin is not on that list. He did an amazing job.

This beer is hoppy but mildly hoppy. Have to admit the bitterness increase during the long finish. If you like hoppy beers you will like this one. Not super hoppy. The malt keeps it under control. A bit more hops or less malt and this would peg my hop threshold.

I checked out their website and they haven’t updated it since forever. I know they are building a new brewery in Gadsden because I got an email from them when I reviewed Truck Stop Honey. I emailed Tripp Collins at Back Forty asking for an update and I’m glad to report he said that they started brewing in their new facility last week. He said they are still working out the kinks but hope to have their tap room open by the end of the month or early February. In his last update email he said that most of their key people graduated from Auburn so I would support this brew if I could find it in Georgia.  (I might need to do a road trip). This bottle I reviewed was produced for Back Forty by Lazy Magnolia Brewing in Mississippi. They make that great Pecan Nut Brown Ale.

Here’s what their website says: “Naked Pig is a delightfully crisp, hand crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch we make. This American pale ale is tasty enough for any craft beer newcomer, while the complex character is sure to please even the most discerning craft connoisseur. So get naked and enjoy!”

Well, I’m not getting naked just yet. I’ve got to jump on the exercise bike to work off the brew per my New Year’s Resolution. The bike is too close to the windows. Peddling naked might just get the neighbors a bit riled even if the new ones are Alabama fans.


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