A clean laundry room. I enjoyed it with a Terrapin Moo Hoo
A clean laundry room. I enjoyed it with a Terrapin Moo Hoo

Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

A fter scrubbing down the laundry room floor after Ethel-the-Yellow-Bitch-Cat violated the litter box rule of “zero-defects” I was inspired to give the laundry room a complete overhaul. I spent the afternoon moving the clutter outside to then sort it all out.

After about 2 hours I had the laundry room I always wanted. Still had litter boxes but it was down to open countertops and my bikes.

I sat down in a folding chair and sat back and marveled at what I had created. I opened one of the remaining 59 brews in my quest to clean the little fridge. (It was originally 55 but Mrs. Dan added 4 brews without my consent).

I’m down to a lot of 22 oz bottles and I wasn’t the mood for much more than a single brew. I selected the Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout. I wanted to try this brew at the World Beer Festival in Columbia last January but they ran out during the first session before I could try it. One of their brewers were bragging about it. I bought this one in a build-a-six or back when we were having the big 50th Birthday for Mark in March.

The dark brew. The head doesn't stick around long
A dark brew for sure. The head doesn’t stick around long.

I was trying to figure out if they had a Best By date. I then noticed “Seasonal 2011.” Unfortunately their website doesn’t say what months this seasonal is available. I found some reviews that said it was first to be released in December of 2011 so I guess the Seasonal 2011 was right at the end of the year. Another review says it is a Winter brew. This is very much in the vein of many dark Winter brews. Also as dark and malty as it is I would suspect this brew would easily keep for a year if not more.

Tastes dark for sure. Tempered by some hoppiness. It reminds me of the industrial strength coffee Mrs. Dan likes to drink. Very smooth texture which might be from the chocolate nibs they use.

If you swirl the beer around like a wine this brew leaves some really dark brown legs on the side of the glass.

One second taste the hops aren’t as noticeable. The finish is very chocolatey with just a hint of bitter hops. It lasts a long time but stays a nice flavor and not that weird bitter taste some dark brews leave after about 30 seconds.

Terrapin Moo Hoo

I think I could actually enjoy 2 of these in an evening. Not 3 though. I like to enjoy dark brews but sometimes one of a really dark brew is enough. Three of these might be too much. I’m actually looking forward to the 2012 Seasonal now.

Here’s what their website says: The Terrapin “Moo-Hoo” Chocolate Milk Stout proudly uses cocoa nibs and shells from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company to give this beer its great taste! 6% Alc. 30 IBU.”

Okay, for now the reality shot. I really like the laundry room. Unfortunately the back deck now makes us look like “those neighbors.” Well for about 30 minutes I got to enjoy my clean laundry room and a nice brew. Now I got the move some of that stuff back in.
From: Athens, Georgia
Brewery: Terrapin Brewing

Now the reality sets in.

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