Eos Estate Tears of Dew Late Harvest Moscato
Eos Estate Tears of Dew Late Harvest Moscato

I’m not a huge dessert fan, nor even a dessert wine fan, but the Eos Estate Tears of Dew Late Harvest Moscato may have changed my mind. If I’m having a dessert wine I usually lean toward a port, but they can get pricey, and sometimes they’re just too heavy. Icewine often is nice, but sometimes gets out of balance.

Saturday night my wife and I had dinner with our friends Pam and Boyd. She served a wonderfully delicate sauted chicken over spinach and topped by carmelized onions mixed in vinegar. It was served with risotto mixed with capers and sun-dried tomatoes. A very nice DaVinci chianti made a good apertif and a nice dinner accompaniment, but the wine star of the night was the Eos Moscato.

It had a very light, delicate mouthfeel, not the heavy, cloying sweetness I’ve had with some late harvest wine. (Late harvest just means they left the grapes on the vine a very long time, waiting until they almost turn to raisins. That gives them high residual sugar and not much juice. The grapes are harder to pick, there are fewer of them and you risk losing them to frost. So late harvest wines tend to be more expensive.

The Eos Moscato is definitely worth the price ($22 for a 375 ml bottle, half the normal sized bottle). I smelled peaches and flowers in the glass, and the peach overtones continued on the palate. There was enough acidity to cleanse the palate and keep it all light and refreshing. Pluls, I love the name and the bottle. Pam served the wine with Dubliner cheddar and a cheese infused with cranberries, as well as tiny purple grapes. It was a beautiful, light finish to a terrific meal. The only tears we shed were tears of joy and laughter.

From: Paso Robles

Winery: Eos Estate

Price: $22

Size: 375 mil

Year: 2007

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