Michelob Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale
It has been a tradition for 20 years. My brother Charlie’s Annual Christmas Eve Smoke Shed Event. He started 20 years ago smoking hams for his employees as Christmas gifts. Using an old shed on his property (he bought an old dairy farm) he built a fire pit that could hold a dozen or more hams. He mentioned it to people who asked him to add a ham for them. As people dropped off their hams early in the morning and then picked them up late in the afternoon people stuck around for a beer or dropped off biscuits. Each year he added improvements to the shed (like heat and lights) and to the cooker (he added a smoke closet at the end, heavy steel doors to keep the smoke in and a ventilation system). I always show up the day before and start making boiled peanuts. Since about the 3rd year an old claw foot bathtub has served as the drink box.

He’s been featured in BBQ books, on the front page of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. It’s quite the affair. He doesn’t really smoke any hams anymore. He spends the day smoking ribs, sausage, chicken wings and salmon and couple years ago added deep fried turkeys.

Now my brother only drinks what he considers the only two types of beer made. Bud and Bud Light. All others are foofoo beers. So, they had a keg of Bud Light. When we unloaded the keg it had a Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale label on it. I got excited. But alas the tiny Bud Light label was the winner here.

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I brought two bottles of Michelob Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale that Brett had brought by the other night. Me and Mrs. Dan shared them.

Nice brew that is aged “on” bourbon oak casks (according to the six pack holder. Not sure what the difference is between “on” and “in.” Nice little winter brew made with “whole Madagascar Vanilla beans.” Nice smooth taste. I’ve had oak-casked brew before and didn’t care much for it. Usually they have a super sweet taste. Got some nice smooth hops that don’t leave a bitter taste. Nice caramel malt taste. Not bad for a mass produced brew.

Nice way to spend an afternoon sitting by the old stove in the smoke shed. Watching Mr. Ben playing Angry Bird on the iPad. I guess a new tradition has been added.
From: St. Louis
Brewery: Michelob

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