Bell's Winter Ale

Bell’s Winter White Ale
Okay, I lied. I bought some more Christmas gifts today. I added a gift card and a six pack to Santa’s list. Now I’m done. We spend most of the day cleaning for Aunt Carol and Mrs. Dan’s brother. In between cleaning I made the mistake of driving down Washington Road. People are nuts. Publix was a zoo. I tried to get gas at Kroger but they had shut the pumps down for 30 minutes (probably to jack the prices up another dime). It took me 4 light changes to get out of their damn parking lot. After all that I was ready for something to sip. So, on the 13th day of Christmas Beers we went the Winter Route with Bell’s Winter White Ale.

This is not what I expected after all the other Bell’s brews I’ve had. I poured about half the bottle and had to stop when the head exploded and threatened to overflow. I poured it into a ice cold glass and almost couldn’t tell the difference between the head and the beer. I wiped away the condensation and what I saw was as “white” a beer as I’ve ever seen. Very light color. A slightly pale yellow. I tried it and it is definitely a wheat ale. No malts and no bitter hops to confuse it. Light feel. Slightly sharp on the finish as if there was some hops but no bitterness. I then poured the rest of the brew and it darkened the beer dramatically. It was cloudy. The first part of the pour was clear. The second pour clouded things up and it never cleared. Mrs. Mrs. Dan-in-law tasted it and said it would make a nice summer sipper it was so light and crisp. I guess one man’s Winter Ale is another man’s Summer Ale.

Maybe a hint of citrus on the tongue. But this would be a good lounging around watching the snow fall kind of beer. Like the Bell’s Christmas Ale it is a nice standalone sipper. Many of the Christmas Ales are good but better with food to cut the sometimes lingering and strange aftertaste.

I’m glad I don’t have to get up and something to nibble on to chase away an aftertaste. I’m pooped.
From: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Brewery: Bell’s Brewery

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