Breckenridge Christmas Ale
Breckenridge Christmas Ale

Breckenridge Christmas Ale
Maintaining domestic tranquility requires a certain about of ass kissing and a whole lot of “yes mams” at times. I’m not sure which might be in order as I see Mrs. Dan running over to pour a glass of “Yellow Tail Reserve” saying “I need this tail to wash away the taste of that elf tail you bought.” Anyway Mrs. Dan-in-laws are here and we are sitting down to nice game of Zilch (it’s a dice game and for a brief I was winning). Anyway I brought out a bottle of Breckenridge Christmas Ale for the 11th night of the 12 Brews of Christmas. After pouring it had no head whatsoever which is not a good sign in my book. With trepidation I took a taste. Not bad. A nice chocolate/caramel malty taste. There seems to be a lingering sweetness that kind of reminds me of dates or old fruit. Then there’s the question of domestic tranquility. See grabbed my glass and took a sip. Her reaction was “is that the Santa’s Booty beer you were talking about?” She followed up with “this tastes like a cross between tree bark and elf piss.” We usually have very similar palates but I guess in this case not.

I do wish it had a bit more effervescence but all and all it isn’t bad. Mr. Mrs. Dan-in-law offered a third opinion and he said he liked it. The web site says “The chill of a Colorado high-country winter calls for a beer with extra flavor and warming characteristics. Here it is. Breck Brew’s Christmas Ale. At over 7% alcohol, with a sturdy texture and rich flavors of caramel and chocolate, our holiday seasonal is the fermented equivalent of a good fire. The ultimate winter warmer.” Personally I would prefer a real fire but I guess this would do. I only bought one bottle. If I had bought more I don’t think Mrs. Dan would be snuggling up to me I popped one open. And that would make this elf sad.

And in my final note they have a pretty yummy recipe for pork chops using their Christmas Ale. Maybe if I bought more and made pork chops maybe Mrs. Dan will stop accusing me of trying to poison her.

So what will be the brew for the 12th Beer of Christmas? Only that jolly old beer elf knows.

From: Denver, Colorado
Brewery: Breckenridge

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