My hat's off to the Elliott electric contracting crew who braved ice bombs to fix the lines across the street. I just wish GA Power could turn the juice back on.
My hat’s off to the Elliott electric contracting crew who braved ice bombs to fix the lines across the street. I just wish GA Power could turn the juice back on.

Blue Point Oktoberfest | Long Island, New York
I still can’t figure out why I’m drinking cold beer in a house that’s hovering around 60 degrees. I had a strange urge come over me as I watch huge ice bombs come dropping down on mine and other’s houses.
We are in the middle of an ice storm. I live in a neighborhood filled with 80-year old 80-to-100 foot tall foot pines. They are dropping limbs like crazy, all courtesy of Winter Storm Pax. You hear the crack then then the crashing sound followed by a loud thud that shakes everything.
Earlier we had a power line across the street catch fire. While some firemen and a deputy were surveying the situation a huge limb fell and took out another power line two doors down in front of my house. Luckily….. I guess you could call it that, power crews were in the neighborhood and put the lines back up pretty quick. So that was lucky but that was around noon and it’ now 6:30 and we got no power. The rate of ice bombs have diminished but despite that I’ve got a damaged roof, deck and a mangled chain link fence. I have to wait to see how bad the roof damage is.
There was also some damage inside. The sound of one ice bomb was so loud that Higgins the dog blew his anus gland on the blanket next to Mrs. Dan. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down.
So, there’s a beer review hiding in here somewhere. Yesterday I put a cooler outside where it would stay cold and filled it with some staples: hot dogs, strawberry, half-gallon of milk, some Lunchables and two beers. I wanted something I could pull food out of without having to open the fridge or freezer. I happened to grab a Blue Point Oktoberfest. Not exactly Fall outside. But it looked better than the Red Brick Blonde I also grabbed.
I’m text messaging with Mark and Brett. Mark is around the corner hunkering down with a neighbor with a fireplace. He’s drinking a 23 oz. oak barrel-aged Odyssey Ale. Brett has power so I don’t care what he’s drinking.
This Oktoberfest is nice and smooth. Very clean taste. Hint of some spices on the finish and I mean hint. I can’t say this is the finest example of an Oktoberfest brew because I can’t say I’ve ever had a definitive Oktoberfest brew. But I love this one. I would like it if they gave it a different name and released it as some other seasonal. I had one back in October and meant to review it but I can’t find my notes.
Oops, another ice bomb across the street in the neighbors yard. That’s the third limb that’s fallen right there. One of them had to take out their fence.
I actually have internet access via my iPhone. I see where Blue Point was bought by Anheuser-Busch just a few days ago. I can’t say I’ve had any of their other brews but I think that AB bought a good one.
Here’s what their website says about this brew: “Originally brewed a couple hundred years ago to celebrate the betrothal of the Crown Prince of Bavaria, we’re helping keep the tradition alive by brewing it every fall for all of our royal/loyal followers. We continue the celebration by traditionally brewing this special malty amber lager in August and September. Blue Point Brewing’s Oktoberfest lager is stored cold for two months to ensure its distinct smooth flavor. Join us for a pint (or several) and celebrate the coming of Fall!”
Well too late to celebrate Fall and I’m not going to celebrate Winter exactly as I type to the light of my little butane camping lantern.
Keep warm and safe Augusta.
Brewery: Blue Point Brewing


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