La Crema Pinot Noir 2010

I spent the afternoon cleaning out the food cabinet. Out with the pancake syrup that expired in 2003. Out with the salsa from 2009. I even found a can of jalapenos that was ready to explode. Can you say botulism? I also found a can of jalapenos that actually rusted through at the top and the liquid evaporated.

I was ready to sip on something. I pulled out La Crema Pinot Noir. Off the bat I commented that this was a typical Pinot Noir. Or at least to me it is. I tried this wine at a wine tasting but I can’t find in my notes which one. I seldom buy Pinots unless I was really impressed with them at a tasting. Pinots to me are too light in flavor and mouthfeel. I’ve grown to attached to over-the-top cabs and red blends.

I taste a cherry flavor. But the taste of this wine is so light that it doesn’t jump out. I have admit I love the aroma. Nice and bright and cherry as well.

La Crema Pinot Noir
La Crema Pinot Noir

I can’t pick out what’s in this wine caused me to buy it. I’ve had it in the wine rack for at least a year. Maybe I was nibbling something at the tasting that changed my taste buds. So I went digging in the fridge for something to pair with it. I found a summer sausage I rescued from the food cabinet (I won’t say when it expired). I think it had been in the cabinet much longer than the wine was in the rack. I’ve never understood the appeal of summer sausage. Basically it’s meat flavored fat. I digress. Actually the summer sausage makes this wine much smoother. I guess the fat from a nice piece of meat would match up nicely with this wine. When I tried it with some pastrami I got a strong taste of oak.

I took a look at their website. They only have wine notes for their 2011. But after reading them I would say it is a lot like the one I just had. It’s 100% Pinot. “The results at harvest are small Pinot Noir berries with firm acidity and highly concentrated varietal aromas and flavors that center on juicy cherry and spice. A perennial favorite, this Pinot Noir offers aromas of lush cherry and red plum, with subtle hints of black tea and cola. On the palate, flavors are ripe and elegant, centering on red cherry and spice with a touch of earthiness and dark chocolate. A rich, juicy mid-palate and vivid acidity lead to plush tannins on the finish. The result is a fabulous, appealing food wine.”

Wow, I picked up on the cherry before even reading the notes. I also would agree that this is a really nice food wine. I think the earthiness comes out with some meat. Since this is a different vintage I can’t say that I taste the other flavors they mention.

The only reason why we opened it tonight was the first wine we bought, a 10-year-old Tempranillo that Mrs. Dan bought on sale at Fresh Market was, well 10 years old. That wine is going into the vinegar pot.

Not sure what I paid for it but as you might have picked up I don’t usually buy over $10 except when I’m still in the moment at a great wine tasting or I’m getting out of the doghouse with Mrs. Dan. I would estimate this is a $10-12 wine. (There website sells it for $12 a bottle).

Despite not being an over-the-top cab I enjoyed this wine. I just enjoyed it more after finding something to nibble with it.
From: Somona Coast, California
: La Crema
Year: 2010


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