Crane Lake Merlot
Crane Lake Merlot

Crane Lake Merlot

I thought I was preparing to give my first 1 Cork rating. Before Christmas Mrs. Dan had bought a bottle of Crank Lake, I mean Crane Lake, Cabernet Sauvignon and it literally made me sick. Not toss my cookies mind you but I have a strange reaction sometimes to some forms of alcohol, especially bad alcohol. My throat starts to swell and that little hangy-downy thing in the back of your throat, the uvula I think it is, swells really big and I basically have the sore throat from hell. I digress. Mrs. Dan prefers Cabs, I prefer Merlot. So this time I brought home the Merlot and even better it was under $4. Oh, it gets better. Mrs. Dan liked it. Then my buddy Mark dropped by and I offered him a glass. He tried it and said it had a good aroma, was a bit tart but very fruity. Thought it would go with pasta and spicy foods. I told him it was a $10 bottle and asked him if he thought it was worth it. And he said yes. Then like the “host” in the Pizza Hut commercial who just told a bunch of people sitting in a fancy schmanzy restaurant they just ate cheap fat laden pasta from down the street, I told him it was under $4. I think he’s going to get a bottle for his wife.
I like this wine especially at this price. I noticed the same wine for about the same price at Wine World last week (and at The Vineyard Wine Market but I can’t remember the price). I suspect that this wine could be had just about anywhere at under $5. I also suspect that this wine is a secondary label wine from a well known vintner because they don’t have a web site and no one on the web that I could find says who they really are. Most reviewers say it’s a great cheap wine or it isn’t drinkable, depending on the year. But for the price. I’d get it again provided there isn’t another $4 bottle staring back at me daring me to try it.
From: Napa, California
Winery: Crane Lake Cellars
Purchased: Publix
Cost: 3.97 (on sale-discounted 1.02)
Size: 750ml
Year: 2006
Stopper: Cork

Score: 3 Corks

Dan’s Rating System:

1 Cork: Use it to kill poison ivy in the backyard
2 Corks: Good enough to regift to your brother-in-law
3 Corks: The economy is in the crapper and I find a pretty good wine under $4. Sweet!


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