Maniña Cabernet Sauvignon
Maniña Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Maniña Cabernet Sauvignon 2010


Central Valley Chile | Maniña Wines (ACW LTDA)


W hile visiting some old stomping grounds in Fall of 2010 I found a great little wine for about $6 at a nice little wine shop in Galax, Virginia. It was a great wine shop because at the back of the store you could walk into an adjacent book store.

While you shop for wines your kids can go next door and select the most expensive book or book/toy combo and hold it over your head because you were next door looking over wines. Mr. Ben hit me up for a book or two.

It was called “Purple Feet” and the adjacent bookstore was “Chapters.” I did a Google search and from what I can determine its out of business but supposedly a new shop is under construction and will be called “The Wine Cellar at Chapters.” In this age of Barnes and Noble and Amazon I guess having a wine shop next door doesn’t hurt.

The shop had a “Value Wines” section. I went to it like a moth to a flame. I spotted this nice little gem and snapped it up. We opened it up at the hotel that night and I fell in love. I saved the bottle so I could find it back in Augusta. We still have the bottle. Mrs. Dan used it to make some vanilla extract for gifts this past Christmas. But I could never find this wine… until I spotted it back in December at Kroger’s. I snapped up a bottle. (I think I paid around $6.50 for it… I need to update by record keeping).

So tonight I keep my New Year’s Resolution of not buying any wine or beer until I clear out the wine rack and the little fridge.  I reached down and pulled out the Maniña Cabernet Sauvignon. I haven’t had this gem since that night in Galax more than a year ago. The label says “delicate notes of cassis and olive complemented by smoky tones. Sophisticated in style, this wine whisks one’s senses into a state of splendor, abundant with flavors of vanilla, plum and spices.”

The vanilla and plum flavors is what I remember the most. I think this was the best Cab I’ve ever had out of Chile.

Maniña Cabernet Sauvignon

Unfortunately that was the 2008 Cab and this is the 2010. It’s not as great as I remember. It’s still a nice little wine but it doesn’t have the nice fruit flavors I remember. The smoky tones are most definitely abundant. Maybe too abundant. Its more acidic. Not as smooth.

I visited their website…. all one page of it…. and it has the same description at the label: “There once was a South American tribe that revered a young woman whose beauty captivated her onlookers. They called her Maniña, the “girl of my eye”. As her beauty cast a spell over those who could catch a glimpse, this wine will mesmerize your senses. The South American gem is a rare find and once your palate has surrendered to the smooth flavors of this wine, it will forever hold a place in your cellar.”

She doesn’t quite grab my eye like it she did back then. Nonetheless at $6 it’s worth a try. I might buy another bottle and stick it away and “hold a place in my cellar”. Maybe cellaring it for a year will give it a chance to mellow out the smokiness and let the fruit come through. Or I might get a bottle and see if it pairs up well with something. I tried it with some peppered salami and it improved somewhat. Maybe it needs a nice steak. And at $6.50 a bottle I might be able to afford some steak.

Or maybe when the 2011 comes out it will be more like I remember it.



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