Allagash Curieux
Allagash Curieux

Allagash Curieux
I ‘m a bit peeved at myself. I bought the first bottle of Allagash Curieux at Vineyard Wine Market back on March 9. John has bought one case of this fine Ale and that was going to be it. It had just arrived that day. I rushed home and started writing this review. Now this is a 750ml bottle of beer so his isn’t something one person just sits down and drinks over a couple of days like a bottle of wine.
I did manage to spread it over an evening. I drank some then drove over to Mark’s house and let him try some. More on that later.
Today I checked at Vineyard and they were out. I really wanted to review this brew while it was still on the shelves. That didn’t happen.
I really like this brew. It is aged in oak bourbon barrels. According to the label only 1,400 cases were bottled. At 12 bottles per case this isn’t a brew that the masses would have an opportunity to sample. I consider myself lucky to have had some. But at $16.95 a bottle I don’t think I would have purchased much more. Hey, that’s more than I usually pay for a bottle of wine.
Allagash Curieux is 25.4 oz.
Allagash Curieux is 25.4 oz.
I’m glad I forked out the $17 after tax for this brew. It was a Saturday night when I brought it out and started pouring. After 2 glasses I happened to look at the bottle and it said 11% alcohol. Whoa. Up to to that time I hadn’t felt the alcohol. Once I saw the 11% I started feeling it.
This brew was bottled on February 1, 2013, so when I bought it on the 9th it was still pretty fresh.
Bourbon cask ale has been all the rage lately. Lots of folks are jumping on this bandwagon. I just bought a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale today and will be reviewing it later. Mark loves Innis & Gunn cask ales which are mainly aged in rum and scotch casks .
Being a 11% brew this is obviously not a simple ale. According to their website this is their Tripel Ale, which is not a light 5% ale, that’s been aged in oak bourbon barrels. This has the nice dark sweet flavors of a tripel. Strong vanilla flavors to start but the bourbon casks add a definite oak and bourbon flavor that is decadently sweet and bold. It is obviously unfiltered because you can’t see through it, or at least if you poured it the way I did. (Instructions on the bottle say pour slowly into a wide glass. Something I did not).
Wow. I just found on their site that this is available year round. They just make it in limited batches. Here’s what they say “Allagash Curieux was our first foray into barrel aging. Curieux is made by aging our Tripel Ale in Jim Beam bourbon barrels for eight weeks in our cold cellars. The aged beer is then blended back with a portion of fresh Tripel. The resulting beer is soft with coconut and vanilla notes, with hints of bourbon.”
I don’t remember any coconut flavors. But the vanilla is most prominent. Although I said I wouldn’t have bought more at the time I think I will buy one when the next batch is made (provided I can find it). John at the Vineyard obviously had no problem selling it even with it’s $16.99 price.
After having a glass I corked the bottle and put it back in the fridge. After I was able to drive I took it over to Mark’s and let him have some. He praised it saying it was better than his beloved Innis & Gunn. I was a bit shocked.
Curieux is obviously unfiltered.
Curieux is obviously unfiltered.

Allagash says you can keep this brew for a year I believe it. But with a cork topper you would not want to keep it on it’s side. They recommend serving it between 40-50 degrees. I had it a bit cooler than that. I started with a frosted glass and I have to admit I loved it. When it started to warm up the sweetness or the tripel aspects of this brew started to jump out. I have to say I liked the cooler end of this range because the vanilla and the bourbon seems to dominate.
Now that I know that this is not a limited once a year release I don’t feel so bad about writing about it 2 months after the fact.
I also see where they have it available in 5.17 gallon keg. I would love to find a bar or restaurant with one.
If you like bourbon cask ales I highly recommend that you buy a bottle when you see one.
Cost: $16.95


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