Enjoying some Cabin Fever around the campfire back in March.

New Holland Cabin Fever Brown Ale, Holland, MI

I’ve been sitting on this review for 6 plus months. This was my beer of choice will prepping our Thanksgiving Dinner. It went nicely with everything I nibbled on in the kitchen. Later it matched up nicely with the stuffing and left over turkey. I took a few with me when we went camping with Beer Brother Mark earlier this year and enjoyed it around the fire. I enjoyed one while I was grilling up some burgers in early Spring. Each time I took some notes. I have no clue as to where those notes are. When I bought it back in the Fall everyone was having Covid Cabin Fever. Thought it would make a funny puns. But with my next door neighbor dying of Covid I couldn’t find anything clever to say.

I thought the Beer Brothers were going to Zoom up with me tonight but alas they couldn’t get their act together.

Feeling lonely I took a peek in the little fridge and found I had one can left. Hot damn.

Cabin Fever made the Thanksgiving Dinner prep go faster

Not being able to find my hand scribbled notes I did a quick search in my tasting database and saw where I mentioned drinking some of this back in April of 2018. But back then it was in a bottle. I mentioned it after drinking some Sweet Baby Jesus in a review. At 6.5% ABV I think I could enjoy two, which I did when we went camping. But alas, now I have only one left.

I have to say this is a good food beer. I think it tastes more interesting when you eat something with it. By itself it’s got a nice light brown head. The head was pretty thick back in November but six months later it had thin brown head. The color is a beautiful deep brown. The roasted malts and its smoothness is tempered by a slightly bitter edged. It’s got that brown ale nutty flavor. Kind of a pecan flavor… not like the pecan flavored beers but like actual pecans. That slightly bitter finish doesn’t linger long. This brew begs to be sipped slowly but alas I drank it faster that I should. I guess I have to wait until fall until I can have some more.

Cabin Fever tasted good while grilling then later when we ate them.

Before I finished it I decided o snack on something to see how it paired but all I could find in my office was a Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bar I bought from Costco. Hmm. That didn’t pair up like I expected. I raced downstairs and grabbed some Kirkland Mixed Nuts. Those went pretty well. I think the saltiness helped. If only I had some of the steak we had for dinner was still around.

This brew is intended for colder weather (it was 90+ here today) but I could drink this year round… maybe not after cutting the grass but if I’m not all hot and sweaty I could drink this. If my memory serves me the slightly bitter edge wasn’t as evident back in November when I first tried it. New Holland makes good beer and good beer tends to last for a while.

The can says it is handcrafted in small batches. The DOB was 10.9.20. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad beer from New Holland. Their Dragon Milk Series is the bomb. Mrs. Dave-In-Law, who lives in nearby Grand Haven, MI, said she knew the owner’s mom (or was it wife?) and tried to see if we could get a tour last time we were in Michigan but she never heard back from her friend. Maybe next time.

I found this Winter seasonal at Toast. The release calendar says it’s scheduled for a November release. I’m hoping they will have their Ichabod Pumpkin Ale come Fall at Toast. I bought two six-packs at Toast last Fall but I see that they are possibly releasing it in 4-pack this year according to their release calendar.

They also have The Poet, an American Oatmeal Stout only available in Michigan. I guess I better poke Mr. Dave-In-Law to pick me some up. Wow. I just saw they have Tangerine Space Machine year-round. It’s a New England Style Hazy IPA. Mrs. Dan bought some two years ago and I have not been able to find it since. I thought maybe they stopped making it. Those folks at Toast will get tired of my poking.


Holland, Michigan
Brewery: New Holland Brewing


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