A box can be kinda handy
A box can be kinda handy

Vin Vault Red Blend
I first tried this wine at the Columbia County Wine Festival back in October. I tried the Cab and I think the Red Blend. It was pretty good but after sampling 10 or so wines anything tastes good.

I wanted a box of wine for several days of sipping but also Mrs. Dan wanted to try a beef burgundy recipe that needs some red wine. I decided to give this a try during a stop at The Vineyard. I was going to buy my usual Botabox but saw the Vin Vault. This is a nice wine if you want 4 bottles that are pretty consistent over several days or even a week of sipping or serving.

I bought the Red Blend because I figure if a decide winemaker spent the time to make a blend he would pick the best of several varietals. That philosophy could backfire if the winemaker was simply trying to use up leftover wine.

There is no vintage date on the box nor does it say where the wine comes from. I guess California because the company is in California but it doesn’t specifically call it a California wine. At least Botabox’s wines are vintage marked. It has some nice dark cherry flavors. It was really nice with some spicy salsa I had a few days ago. Nice bright flavors pop out with the spicy stuff. I would love to have tried it with a nice steak or even a hamburger. But that didn’t happen.

I visited their website and lo and behold it’s owned by E&J Gallo or at least their tag line says its produced by them. The name of the company is International Wine Merchants, LTD. I did a Google search and nothing really popped up for International Wine Merchants that said they were owned by Gallo.

Tonight we are at the end of the box. The flavor is still consistent with the first taste we had earlier in the week. That’s the great part of buying boxed wines. I had it with some salami tonight and it didn’t do as well with the fatty meat of a salami. I also sipped some while nibbling some Brown Rice Triscuits with Sea Salt and Black Pepper. Did okay. I mean this is a nice little sipping wine when you are making dinner or sitting around chatting. I wouldn’t serve it at a fancy dinner.


Is it better than Botabox? No. I like the Botabox RedVolution better (when comparing red blends). Not a lot better but at least a little more. My biggest complaint is that the plastic spigot dripped. I had to wipe wine off the floor where it had hung off the countertop. I pulled it back and put a paper towel down. It slowly turned red every day, after replacing it everyday with a fresh towel. Also, this wine costs around $23-24 a box. I usually only pay around $18.99 at the Vineyard for Botabox.

My other complaint is when I poured “the last glass” I could tell there was more in the box. I busted open the box and pulled out the plastic bladder. I managed to get a rather large glass by massaging the bladder until it was empty. I would imagine that the average wine drinker wouldn’t bother. Me being a cheap wine bastard I never let any good wine go to waste.

Now it’s not bad. I still only paid an average of around $6 for a bottle. I’m still tempted to give their Cab a try sometime. I’m okay with Botabox’s Cab but it could be better. But for everyday sipping I might stick with the Botabox RedVolution (mainly because it’s cheaper).

The box says “Our red blend is a unique combination of varietals that results in dark berry and black currant flavors, with a plush tannins and a dark roast coffee finish.” I’d agree with most of that except for the coffee finish.



  1. Tom of Helatrobus Reply

    The question is: what is the blend made up of? My guess is cab and merlot.

    • Bottle Report Reply

      You are probably right. They aren’t saying. If they can’t give a vintage I doubt they would give the blend combination.

  2. The Red Blend includes tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot, and malbec sourced globally: 63 percent from California, 20 percent from Argentina, 9 percent from Spain and 8 percent from Chile.

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