Bodega Elena Red Blend paired fairly well with the Pad Thai.
Bodega Elena Red Blend paired fairly well with the Pad Thai.

Bodegas Elena Red Blend 2013 | Mendoza, Argentina
M rs. Dan loves me. She saw this on sale for $7.99 (or something close to it). It was $2 off at Publix. I haven’t really reviewed a Cheap Wine Bastard level wine in a while.
Under $10, that’s me. This wine has bold very fruit forward flavors when you first open it. Bright cherry…. not dark cherry… flavors.
This wine was featured at tastings at Vineyard Wine Market tasting in April 2011 and again at the old Ninth Street Wine Market in Feb. of 2013.
I sipped some tonight while I pretended to help Mrs. Dan in the kitchen as she prepared some nice Pad Thai and some baked rangoons. (even she says the fried rangoons taste better but hey, we’re trying to eat healthier). This wine might be undrinkable for some because of its super fruit forward nature….. at least when you first open it.
After about 15 minutes it starts to breath and a lot of that fruit forward flavors dissipate or maybe its the sweet chili sauce we served with the Pad Thai. It is much drier now. Seems to have a bit of a watery mouthfeel but then again that might be the sweet chili sauce. Mrs. Dan says it goes nicely with the Pad Thai. My limited experience says it smells like a Merlot.
BodegaElenaBlendBottle2The more I drink it the more I liked it when it was first opened. I can taste cherries but the mouthful is no longer lush and gushing of fruit. It’s becoming more watery.
But to be fair I waited about an hour after we finished dinner. I think the lime juice in the Pad Thai was a negative influence. The lushness is back but not as distinct. Nice flavors.
For $7.99 it’s not bad. But I would say this one should be consumed in an evening. Even Mrs. Dan agreed that the flavors dropped off after it opened up but then again she was the one that added the lime to the Pad Thai.
Here’s that their website says (They haven’t bothered to update it since I last visited it in Feb. of 2013. They still list the 2010): Our 2010 Bodega Elena Red Blend makes a bold statement with its unique combination of Malbec, Syrah and Bonarda. The rich, smooth dark red fruit flavors of this blend are complemented nicely by hints of vanilla and spice. Smooth, delicate tannins lead to a lingering, velvety finish.–From their Website
For $7.99 its worth it. I think I would buy it at $9.99 but there are some others I might buy first.


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