Big House Red 2012 | California
M rs. Dan brought this one home. It was on sale at Publix for under $10. We seem to be sampling a lot of blends lately. I don’t mind that because I view a blend as being a work of art rather than someone trying to rescue some bad grapes (although some really do fall under that category). We opened this one (complete with screwcap) when we sat down for a dinner of squash casserole and some steak pinwheels.
I call this Not the Big House in the headline because Mrs. Dan is from the land of the Big House…. Michigan Football. I’ve been to the Big House. It is much more memorable than this wine. But that’s because they manage to cram over 100,000 butts into stadium that should really only hold around 90,000. Only go with someone you like because you will be sitting cheek to cheek. I digress.
As a wine though it’s memorable especially for being under $10.
This is a middle of the road red. Very fruit forward. Lots of lush dark cherry flavors. There’s a hint of cranberry tartness at the finish. The fruit forward nature of this wine slides a bit as it opens a little like the Elena Red Blend we had the other night. Their tasting
Here’s what their website says:”Well, at least this year we weren’t “burning down da House,” but it was an unusually long and cool season that led to berries with low yields and great concentration again. This Big House Red lives up to that old Fruit Bomb moniker that you’ve come to expect. It starts with a nose full of blackberries and raspberries, with hints of leather and spices. The palate is clean, exhibiting flavors of cranberries, roses and a touch of rhubarb. This finish lingers, with flavors of vanilla and a touch of dark cherries in the finish. The grapes underwent a cold soak for a couple of days, and then were fermented at 60°-65°F. Portions of the blend underwent malolactic fermentation and a barrel régime with mostly French and American neutral oak. Food Pairing: A true trump card, Big House Red pairs well with all grilled meats, lasagna Bolognese, grilled vegetables or even sashimi grade Ahi tuna.
Hmmmm. Rhubarb. That might be what I was tasting on the finish. Maybe more so than cranberries.
All and all a pretty good wine for under $10. I noticed it is also available in 3 liter boxes. Haven’t seen that on any shelves around here but next time I’m in the mood for really cheap wine (per oz) and I see this in a box I’ll buy it.
I’ve bought their Cardinal Zin a couple of times and wanted to review it. I kept drinking them before I could. Those were pretty good as I remember it.


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