I like Fat Tire but today it tasted even better
I like Fat Tire but today it tasted even better

I  just rode 40 miles. A few years ago that would be nothing. But considering I haven’t ridden more than 4 miles in the last 4 months and I’m wearing a 3XL jersey I some what proud of myself. I’ve stopped at the Brady Inn where they are having the happy hour.

New Belgium is here with free Fat Tire and Shift in cans. I’ve had Shift before but this is the first time I’ve had the Fat Tire in cans. After 40 miles this is one great beer. Can’t tell you what it tasted like. I drank it too fast. But I do know it tastes just as good as the bottled version tastes.

Today’s ride isn’t over for me. I went off course and found an Ingles and bought a 10 lb bag of ice. Kinda heavy around my neck. I stopped at a yard sale and they gave me a tote bag that I could use to haul some groceries with. I bought some hot dogs. After putting the ice in there wasn’t room for the buns. They are tied to the handle on the tote.

Got 2 miles to camp. Tempted to have another. Nah. Better to ride safe. I think these hot dogs will be the best I’ve ever tasted when I grill them.


Plenty on ice
Plenty on ice


This isn’t my bike. It belongs to a retired Delta pilot who is famous for hanging his wet socks on the clothesline on the back of his bike to dry.



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