T he Cork and Flame newsletter this week said “Some of the most famous wines & best Pinot Noirs in the world will be available to try this weekend at Cork & Flame Wine Market. These Belle GlosPinot Noirs are produced by the Caymus Group and arehighly sought-after wines!
Belle Glos showcases distinctive Pinot Noirs produced from California’s most noteworthy coastal wine-growing regions.
While each vineyard location lies near the Pacific Ocean, the climate differences are significant, varying with the amount of fog, wind, sunlight, and soil type at each site. Each Vineyard Designate is crafted to distill the purest essence of the locale into elegant expressions of California Pinot Noir.
Owner/winemaker, Joe Wagner chose the name Belle Glos (pronounced “BELL GLOSS”) to honor his grandmother, Lorna Belle Glos Wagner.Lorna was a co-founder of Caymus Vineyards, an inspirational figure to Joseph and an avid lover of Pinot Noir.
There will be two other wines from the Wagner Family.
Elouan Oregon Pinot Noiris the result of California winemaker, Joseph Wagner, heading North to Oregon, one of the world’s renowned Pinot Noir regions and producing Pinot Noir with depth of flavor, vibrancy and suppleness.
Boen Pinot Noir comes from themarine-influenced valleywhich isrecognized as one of the world’s most ideal regions for growing cool-climate Pinot Noir. Just a few miles from the cool Pacific, the Russian River Valley benefits from natural air conditioning as cool and often foggy air arrives in the evening, then retreats the following morning.
This weekend you will have a chance to taste 6 differentSingle VineyardWines from the Caymus Belle Glos Winery.You decide which is the best of this year’s vintage!”
Here is their spectacular line-up:
Elouan Oregon Pinot Noir: $17.99
Boen Russian River Valley Pinot Noir from Sonoma: $19.99
Belle Glos Dairyman Pinot Noir: $49.99
Belle GlosLas AlturusPinot Noir: $49.99
Belle GlosClark & TelephonePinot Noir: $49.99
Belle GlosBalade Pinot Noir: $49.99
Where: Cork and Flame , 4414 Evans to Lock Road, Evans, GA. (706) 922-9463

When: Friday, March 8, 2019 and Saturday, March 9, 2018, 5-7 PM.
Cost: $30


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