A uburn just beat Bama 26-14. I try and drink a celebratory brew during the fourth quarter of an Auburn game but I didn’t want to jinx anything. I had to pop it after the finish. Wow. I was lucky enough to be at the Kick Six game with Brother Charlie. I would have loved it if we had been there for this one. Charles Barkley was right. This was the Kick Ass game.
So, back to the beer. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter has become one of our go-to brews. I say “our” because Mrs. Dan discovered this one and she loves it. When we were in Colorado in the Summer of 2016 I wish we had found this brewery. We have friends who live in Breckenridge and thought we would drive by there but they instead met us in Golden. Wish it had been the other way round. Their main production is now in Littleton but they still have their original brewpub in Breckenridge. They say the brewery is “just behind the bar” so you can simple sit at the bar and watch beer being made. Now that’s a tour. These guys have been making beer since 1990.
This is such a nice smooth malty brew. If you like vanilla, and I most definitely do, you’ll like this beer. I love this brew ice cold and I like it as it warms up. At 5.4% ABV I can enjoy two. Caramel, dark roasted flavors. Nice and smooth. Mrs. Dan chose wisely on this one.
Here’s what their website says: Real vanilla beans from Madagascar combined with caramel and Munich malts create a beer that’s balanced and flavorful. Aromas of vanilla and toasted grain set the stage for mellow flavors of vanilla and dark roasted malts. Don’t let its deep mahogany color fool you. Vanilla Porter is dark in color and packed with flavor, yet it is as smooth as they come and easy to enjoy at any time of the year.
I’ve found this brew at Publix and Kroger.
Now that I’ve drunk the last one I have to ponder what to drink if Auburn can manage the Georgia Bulldogs one more time. Hopefully I will have something to celebrate. If I’m lucky the Breckenridge Christmas Ale is in this market. That would be a way to celebrate Christmas.


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