I found Angry Chair Untitled Art Loaded French Toast Imperial Stout at Toast. Sounded sweet and malty and I thought buying a single would protect me from buying a 6 of something that was too-over-the top. I decided to drink it on a nibble night where we had a summer sausage and some veggies.

Not sure if I’ve ever been more confused by a label on a beer can. After visiting the Untitled Art website I’m not sure if I found a brewery, a specialty water canner or an artist colony. They don’t have much in the way of “About Us” so I can just surmise that they might be gypsy brewers who live vicariously thru collaboration. 

They list 21 collaborating brewers including Angry Chair. Since their website has a 2019 copyright on some pages I’m not sure keeping their website up to date is a priority so I can just make this up as I go along. They list their artists but none of them seem to be interesting in brewing beer.  I’m missing something.

If you poke around you find some pix of Espresso Marshmellow and Peanut Butter Cup Stout  made with other collaborators. Those sound interesting. 

At first I thought this brew was called Untitled Art. But no, that was just the second billing spot on the label for a brewery far, far away from Angry Chair. Angry Chair Brewing is in Tampa but the label says it  was brewed and canned by Untitled Art in Waunakee, Wisconsin. 

I give up. I really don’t care where it was actually brewed. I couldn’t make this my everyday brew because I need to work on a regular basis and drinking a 11% ABV brew isn’t a daily thing for me. 

Couple of months ago I had some Skrewball Peanut Butter whiskey on a bike ride. Served real cold it was actually pretty good. This Loaded French Toast Imperial Stout to me is like drinking the chocolate equivalent of  Skrewball. The label doesn’t mention any chocolate just maple syrup, cinnamon and milk sugar.  Close enough.

Has maple and cinnamon flavors on the start with a great toasty coffee-like finish. Very smooth. But to be honest it’s a bit over the top and would be called anything but beer by folks like my older brother. I taste the french toast as it warms up. Super cold it was like chocolate. Warming up it tastes like its name. 

The Angry Chair website is more like a brewery website. They plainly state “You’re probably here for the stouts, that’s what we are most known for. ” Their artist profiles are about brewing not which art school they graduated from. They list a ton of brews but not this one. I suspect this was canned in Tampa but I really don’t feel like searching internet to figure out this confusing can of very nice beer.

I don’t plan to buy anymore so why spend the time. But looking at the other brews listed on the site? Sounds like a road trip to Tampa in my future. 

Bought this single 16oz can for $1.99 at Toast. 


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