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Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale
Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale



Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale
I wasn’t sure how my luck was holding out today. I wasn’t feeling lucky after having a Go-Gurt accident this morning. Go-Gurt is a tube of yogurt designed for kids. Mr. Ben won’t touch them so I decided to have one for breakfast. So as I ran my hand up the tube to squirt the yogurt into my mouth the tube slipped in my lips and a blast of blue goo flew out the side of the tube, covering my face, shirt, the floor. As I looked down to see how bad it was I realized that Adobe-the-little-white-dog had a new blue tinge to her fur.

On the good side today is my birthday and I had tons of great birthday wishes on my FaceBook page. I didn’t realize I even knew that many people. Mrs. Dan forced me to update my FaceBook page to show that she was married to me. I’ve always had a minimalist FaceBook profile but I guess that was too minimalist for her. I then added where I used to work since I was still thinking about being in Roanoke last week for the photo exhibition at the Taubman.

Mrs. Dan brought me some New Belgium Fat Tire for my birthday. I had one with her as we cheered on Michigan to their victory over San Diego State. But I wanted something really different during the Auburn game. Couple of weeks ago I bought a six of Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale when I was in Auburn for the Mississippi State game. I though it a very appropriate name for a beer from Alabama. Mark and Sarah dropped by to wish me happy birthday so I brought some out and Mark and I enjoyed a bottle. Mark liked it.

I’m just amazed that a pretty good brew came out of the State of Alabama. They have two brews, this one and Naked Pig Pale Ale. I have a bottle of the Naked Pig in the fridge for later review.[/two_third_last]

I read on their web site about there story and said they started in 2009 after a couple of years of “thinking about it and “after several months were spent obtaining licenses and permits, Back Forty Beer Company offered its first public samples of Naked Pig Pale Ale at the Magic City Brewfest in Birmingham, AL. This date was also significant, as it was the first time craft beer that exceeded 6% alcohol was allowed to be sold in Alabama.” To me that little fact is not surprising as when I was at Auburn you couldn’t have kegs or buy beer within a mile of campus. Times have changed as every other establishment in downtown Auburn now sells alcohol. Change of this kind is slow in the state. Remember they are the ones that banned Cycles Gladiator wines because they had a “necket” lady on the label.

The label says “Truck Stop Honey is medium bodied English Brown Ale brewed with local honey, roasted malts and fresh hops. The balance of sweet wildflower honey and earthy hop aromas come through in every batch. Whether preparing a delicious meal or sitting fireside, Truck Stop Honey will always keep the good times rolling!”

I was okay until they ended with the word “rolling.” Anyone who uses the words roll or rolling in any form in Alabama has to be suspected to be Bama fans. (UPDATE: There is one worse thing in Alabama than using words “roll” and “rolling”… calling an Auburn grad a Bama fan. As per the comment below 3 of the 4 full-timers are Auburn Grads. WAR EAGLE)

Mrs. Dan made some great wings for the game. She altered a recipe and coated the wings with some olive oil, then tossed them in a bowl with a tablespoon of baking powder, garlic powder, dry ranch dressing and spicy Montreal Steak seasoning. Bake at 450 degrees for 45 minutes.

She also made some honey bourbon wing sauce. The wings were great by themselves and were even better with the sauce. (Bourbon whiskey, brown sugar, ketchup, white vinegar, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, honey and butter.

The wings go nicely with the Truck Stop Honey. This brew was brewed and bottled at Lazy Magnolia Brewing in Mississippi. (Who’d thunk good beer would come from Mississippi too!). According to their web site “a building has been selected in the historic downtown district of Gadsden, AL and the equipment will begin to arrive in a matter of weeks. Early in 2011 Back Forty Beer Company’s brewing facility will be fully operational and several new releases will begin to roll off the line.” It’s beyond early 2011 so I have to wonder if this beer is old or they’ve been delayed. Their address on their web site now is listed as Gadsden. Might have to grab Mark and Brett and have a road trip and do some video.

So, the game has started… although we missed the first 4 minutes because Virginia couldn’t end their game on time. Auburn right now is ahead 10-6 over Florida Atlantic at halftime. They are not exactly plowing over Florida Atlantic. During those 4 minutes we missed Auburn threw an interception on first possession. The sports commentators said that Florida Atlantic has been averaging 99 yards a game. They had 54 yards in the first quarter. I’m hoping the Tigers don’t have blue yogurt on their jerseys.

This beer is a nice dark amber. Not as brown as I expected. The honey taste is apparent. The hops are not too bitter. The roasted malt flavor is subtle and not overpowering. I’m trying to determine if one is dominant over the other. Okay, this a well balanced brew between the honey, malt and fresh hops. The honey and hops tend to linger for a while if you aren’t drinking it with some food. Now the honey doesn’t make the beer super sweet. Nice little brew. I think I might buy some more at the next Auburn home game.

Speaking of Auburn. Tigers win 30-14. Guess that wasn’t blue yogurt on their jerseys.
From: Gadsden, Alabama
Brewery: Back Forty Beer Company
Cost: $10.59



  1. Cheap-Nice little review but I have one issue. You totally could have blasted the brew and talked bad about and I would have been fine with that. Where you got me was the reference to BAMA! As it turns out, there are 4 full time employee’s here at Back Forty and 3 of us are Auburn grads and our brewmaster spent 3 years in Auburn brewing at the Alehouse. So, please forgive the label for saying “rolling”!
    Updates on our progress – As with many small breweries, we have faced many delays, many of them coming from our tank manufacturer. So, early 2011 has turned into fall. We are about 4 weeks away from production. Please feel free to make the trip over, our tap room will be open as well.
    Cheers and War Eagle.
    Tripp Collins
    Director of Operations

    • Bottle Report Reply

      Tripp. I’m very proud that this brew is being produced by Auburn Grads (at least 3/4). Make sense since it’s a very nice brew. I look forward to reviewing the Naked Pig. WAR EAGLE.

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