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I’ve been nursing 3 six-packs of this brew since Wine World announced they were closing. I paid anywhere from $6 to $9.99 as they were discounting their brews as their closing sale progressed (It was originally $2.99 an individual can).
I really like this limited release. It’s dark and malty with nice roasty-toasty flavors that come from being a stout with a dose of dark-roasted coffee. It dries out a bit as it warms up. The flavors change a lot depending on what you pair with it. I had some cheese brats with one tonight… actually I had two, one while I was grilling and one while I was enjoying the brats.
The malts tended to sweeten up a bit with the brat. This could be an everyday brew for me but that ain’t happening with it being a limited release. I paced myself a bit so its 6.5% ABV didn’t hamper my cleaning up the kitchen after we finished. This is tempered with some nice hops that keep it from being iced-coffee.
I’ve tried to review this beer several times but each time I just decided to sit back and relax. Besides, I had plenty of cans left. Well, that supply is dwindling so better do it while I can. The label is pretty straightforward on one side. The other is a pen and ink style drawing of a bespeckled man with coffee coming out the top of his head. I got a funny feeling that’s one of the brewers… or one of the regulars at Avery.
Here’s what the Avery can and their website says: “We’ve taken this big, intense stout to the extreme by boosting it with whole bean dark-roasted coffee. We aren’t afraid to use plenty of rich roasted barley, balanced by the bitterness of coffee to give this full-bodied stout a little extra something you’ve been looking for in a beer.”

The other side of the label shows a coffee head

I’ve been sitting on some photos from Avery Brewing I took two summers ago at a family reunion on Mrs. Dan’s side. We did a side trip to Boulder. They make some great beer. I’m still holding back two bottles of their Tweak, which they can’t sell here in Georgia because it’s 16%. I bought out what they had at Wine World. You want to save it for a special occasion since it costs $14+ for a bottle. I used their beer finder and couldn’t find another bottle within 100 miles. Matter of fact it can’t find any more Out of Mind either.
I hope this limited release gets repeated sometime in the future so I won’t be “out of mind.”


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