The Azaleas, and the Fall Brews are fading fast
The Azaleas, and the Fall Brews are fading fast

Old Dominion Octoberfest Maerzen

I usually take note of such things but it’s officially Spring. Heck it’s felt like Spring since the 3rd week of January this year so I was easy to miss.
The arrival of Spring this year coincided with the azaleas losing their blooms in my neighborhood.

Augustans love their azaleas. They like to brag that this little shrub got its real start in the US because of Fruitland Nurseries which just happened to become The Augusta National Golf Club which in turned started having this little invitational tournament back in the 30’s.

Many Augustans are depressed right now because their azaleas have bloomed and faded and its not even Easter or Masters time. The Masters is a little less than a week away and most of the azaleas will be long gone by next week. They won’t have that little bit of pride knowing their “guests” are enjoying their beautiful azaleas after renting their house. Not all is lost. They will be soothing their pride as they sip fancy umbrella drinks on a cruise ship with the $10,000 they got for renting out their house.

Will there be azaleas a’blooming at the course. We won’t know until the first reports come out at 8:01 AM Monday morning.
There probably will since their azaleas are planted with a northern exposure so they typically bloom later than the rest of Augusta.

For me, Spring means something special. It’s time to finish all of the Fall beers from the little fridge.

I bought a six of this Octoberfest Brew in Virginia back in October. It was the day after Steve Jobs died. I picked it up thinking it was a Virginia brew since many refer to Virginia as the “Old Dominion.” I was wrong. It’s from Delaware. On my return I shared one with Brett and Mark and promised to review it but didn’t. Last night, we sat outside in 70 degree weather. The dreaded pine pollen is finally gone thanks to 2 nasty thunderstorms over the past few weeks that not only washed the pollen away but ripped off the little pollen cones from the trees.

This is one pretty beer. Nice and copper-colored. A slightly sweet aroma. The bottle date was 8/26/11 and has been in the fridge since I picked it up in October. It still tastes the same as it did back then. I often buy a six and save one bottle for review. Now I’m playing catchup and got a few more to review.

I would describe this brew as having a hint of toffee. Hint of hops. The malts definitely rule in this brew. The lingering finish is a bit flat, with the hops influencing that. I had it with some of the Stellig cheese and the flavor shifted to almost citrus. I think this one would have been great with a nice juicy brat.

The bottle says “Our Autumn Seasonal beer is a traditional Maerzen style lager. We use eight types of imported German malts and four hop varieties to create this amber-colored fest beer.” I’m glad I got to try this brew since I doubt I will see it on any shelves in Georgia.

The website adds: 5.9% alc/vol, Willamette & Cascade Hops. Pairs well with spicy cuisine, hearty stews & bratwurst. Serve in a stein or pint glass at 40-45ºF.

Hmmm. That reminds me. I have another Maerzen brew in the fridge. Maybe tomorrow night.
From: Dover, Delaware
Brewery: Old Dominion Brewing


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