Wittmann Urhell |Landshut, Germany

Once again a Man Bag beer (Mannerhandtasche XXL). I had to poke around the internet to figure out what Urhell means. When a German beer has ur in front it means original so this is claiming to be an original Hell or Helles beer. Not sure I can appreciate comparing this to all of the other Helles I’ve had in this journey.

The Man Bag or Mannerhandtasche XXL
Despite some rain last night I was able to actually hold a beer in my hand while grilling some pork chops. I pulled the grill over close enough to the garage so I could watch them without getting too wet. I also poured most of it into a glass so I could drink the remainder of the 500ml from the can. As I pointed out on a previous day the aluminum is so thin on these cans it is difficult to grip a full one without squishing it.

I remember this beer from the Man Bag. Not one of my favorites. Got a bitter bite when you start. After your taste buds get overwhelmed it starts to be less bitter on the second and third sip. It’s on the hoppier side. Smooth enough but with that bitter edge. Clear as a Helles. I don’t think it is as crisp as the other Helles I’ve had. (Hmmm. what is the plural of Helles?). At 4.9% ABV it is in line with most of the other Helles (Helleses?). The head was the foamiest so far. That’s why I had enough left in the can to take with me.

Wittmann Urhell
Sock Monkey likes it–Wittmann Urhell
I found the beer on their website. The labels are similar but the background is green on the can, brown on the bottle. Hope this is the same beer.:

“Wittmann Urhell. Our traditional original!

“Our original has been the proof of competent brewing skills for generations. Fully ripe and fresh and tasty. The Urhell is for everyone who wants to enjoy their homeland, old Bavarian tradition and the Landshut way of life. Unmistakable and always equally good.”

I finally figured out that Geschichte means “History.” Now I can figure out where on on a German website contains their brewing heritage. They are over 400 years old. They don’t give a firm date but the historical records first mention them in 1616. And it’s one of the oldest private breweries in Europe. They have a very traditional German beer selection. Now that would be interesting to have a 12 beers of Christmas and feature each of Wittmann’s beers.

Once again, not a bad beer, just not my favorite. Is there another dark beer remaining in the box? I’m giving up hope.


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