Graminger Kirta |Altötting, Germany

This is one of the beers from the Man Bag I realliy enjoyed. Glad they included it because its a DARK BEER. I see what I want to see on a German beer label: DUNKLES. Its got a wintertime feeling to it. It also has a weird label with the devil drinking beer over a plate of … not sure what with a city skyline in the background. I found two websites, one which features a link to the brewery/hotel.. I think. This appears to be a website that features links to dozens of German brewery/hotels. But I would love to visit this one because it’s close to a lot of stuff.

“Graminger Weissbräu is a quaint Bavarian brewery and hotel located on the outskirts of the pilgrimage town of Altötting. Its proximity to Munich (about 90 km), Mozart’s Salzburg (about 75 km), and Marktl am Inn (15 km) – the birthplace of the former Pope Benedict XVI – makes Altötting quite the destination. Twenty kilometers from Altötting you will find Burghausen, which houses the longest castle complex in the world (1, 051 m). Additionally, you can enjoy a round of golf (or three) on the multitude of beautifully groomed golf courses located nearby. Special Features: Brewery tours, beer pilgrimage, beer seminar available with pre-registration.” Unfortunately the last date at the bottom of the site is 2018 so I’m not sure how up to date it is. But if I had to go visit a brewery in Germany I think I would put this one on my travel itinerary.

Then I found a site dedicated to the brewery and the Devil is in the details. They have a devil (or the Devil… not sure) stirring a kettle as part of their logo. Each label features the Devil in some regards. I couldn’t find anything that stood out as their history page so I don’t know what the symbolism is. They do talk about two sisters that serve as brewmasters so it sounds like a nice family affair. How much of it relates back to their founding date of 1900 I don’t know. If you look under their online ordering page you find the beers. Many are dark so I want to visit this place for sure. Here’s what they say about:

“Graminger Kirtaweiss beer. The dark Kirtaweissbier was originally created as a festival beer for Altöttinger Kirta. The addition of dark malt and roasted malt creates a rich mahogany color and a fruity, malty flavor. Fine noses will even notice a slight chocolate note! Winner of the European Beer Star in Gold in 2010 and bronze in 2017.

Graminger Kirta
Graminger Kirta, where the Devil is enjoying a beer at Altöttinger Kirta
I finally figured out that Altöttinger Kirta is a festival held in the town of Altötting held late September/early October. It appears that several breweries make a brew for this event.

I did notice the website says 5.6% ABV but the can says 5.0% ABV.

So, what do I say about this beer. I could drink this a lot if I could get it without having to suffer thru a 13-can Man Bag or 24-can calendar. Dark. Sweet and slightly roasty. I want to say hint of baking spices like cloves, a caramel-like sweetness or hint of dark chocolate. Maybe cinnamon as it warms. Baking spice aromas. Sweetness goes away as warm but sneaks up on the long finish. My descriptions are similar to the many pumpkin brews but this is not a pumpkin brew where they add the flavoring. These aren’t added flavors but according to the ingredients flavors brought out by the raw ingredients and the brewing techniques. It would be interesting to use this as a base for pumpkin brew and leave out all of the other stuff. My last question is “Please may I have another.”

I wish I could get a bottle to try. Who knows what an extra 0.6% ABV does to it.

So, what’s next for Day 21? Damn, another Man Bag brew.
Brewery: Graminger Weissbrau


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