Meine Grosse Liebe |Munich, Germany

This was definitely not in the Man Bag. The label says brewed by Egerer, and the Egerer website has some brews that feature the same Lion symbols. But if you search enough you find this beer has it’s own website and is a labor of love kind of brew where Stephan Schmid partnered up with long-term business partner Franz Luitpold Egerer, of the Egerer brewery, and came up with a beer that is a quintessential Munich beer. Both are big footballers so they made a great beer that says “Munch” and “Football” (soccer to us dumb Americans).

It is another Helles Lager. But this one has the feel of a modern-era craft Helles. Meine Grosse Liebe translates as “My Great Love”.

The website said “Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, the traditional beer embodies the love and passion for Munich; from a sense of home to cult, from pub to football fan culture. ‘Home is love and love is a promise …

ONCE MY BIG LOVE, ALWAYS MY BIG LOVE. A beer the way it should be: sparkling and fresh. Full-bodied and spicy. The perfect accompaniment for enjoyable moments, alone or in good company. Brewed according to the purity law of 1516. Only the highest quality ingredients from the region come into the kettle: Aromatic noble hops from the Hallertau, crystal clear mineral water from Lower Bavaria, the best barley from contract farmers ensure the unmistakable taste.

“The brew takes care that MY BIG LOVE becomes exactly as it should be. And nothing stands in the way of enjoying this wonderful beer: well chilled and served with love, of course.”

Meine Grosse Liebe --"My Great Love"
Meine Grosse Liebe –“My Great Love”

I like this beer. It has a very nice mouthfeel. In some ways it tastes the way you imagine something called “beer” would taste like. I enjoyed it with some Marco’s pizza. Does it have flavors that make it stand out against the other Helles Lagers the Advent Calendar has? No. But like the last one I had, it doesn’t make you think about what you are drinking. You simply enjoy it. Nothing harsh. No slam shut finish. I also suspect a fresh bottle of this beer would taste even better than a can that has been sitting around since the summer.

So, will it ever be my go to beer? No. I’m still a dark beer kind of guy. Would I turn this down. No. I would simply sit and enjoy it.

I’m still holding out hope that there is a winter type beer waiting in the calendar.



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