Turbo Prop Imperial Pils |Bad Laasphe, Germany

Okay, two labels from the Man Bag kinda gave me the creeps. The Landgang Pils (with the hoppy sailor) and this one that looks like a kid wearing an old leather pilot’s helmet and goggles as he prepares to fly down a hill on an apple crate with rollerskates on the bottom. Both are in the Advent Calendar. I guess I’m getting too politically correct in my old age.  The thought of a young’un on a can of beer sets off my PC alarm. So, I’ve decided that it’s not a kid and it’s some whacky German pilot and there must be a rule that Pils in Germany should have whacky labels.

Back to the beer. I enjoyed it because of the Imperial nature of this Pils. So what the heck does that mean? I turned to my handy Oxford Companion to Beer and it says that the term originally meant for beers that were brewed for “crowned heads of Europe” but somewhere along the way American brewers started using the term and made it “unfortunately vague.” But in general terms is means “stronger than usual.”

Turbo Prop Imperial Pils and it’s creepy logo
This beer is “stronger than usual” for a Pils/Pilsner. I like that. The darker favors appealed to me. The smoothness was almost chewy.  I enjoyed eating it with some Mexican we had for the evening meal. Very even flavors that persist. No ups and downs. The color was a bit darker than the  Landgang Pils but just barely. So it was a bit more intense and it was a higher ABV at 6.5% so I didn’t feel like rushing into it.  I read the description on the BeerTasting app and it said it has honey notes. I could agree to that. It was also dry hopped with Citra. I can taste that as well. I want to say it reminds me of a fuller-bodied East Coast IPA. 

They don’t list this beer on on their website but they do have an IPA, a more traditional Pils and a Porter. Come to think of it I don’t remember any porters being mentioned on the many German brewery websites I’ve visited while reviewing the calendar. If you live in Germany you can get their beer drop shipped to you.

Would I buy it again. Probably not. Enjoyable but I’m pretty sure the only way I’m gonna see this beer again is if I bought another Man Bag or Brewer’s Advent Calendar. A bit expensive it you want more than one.

Brewery: Propeller Gentranke


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