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These guys appear to be modern day craft brewers. Their name is derived from a Celtic name for the district of Mauthen. Their website says they want to make beers that are not just appealing to the masses but something that can bring national and international awards. And from what I can tell they did win a WBA award for Best Amber/Vienna. The description of their beers and the feel of their website implies they are modern day brewers. They also provide production for gypsy brewers which means they understand young hip upstarts.

But did they produce this beer?

Loncium Vienna Style Lager
Loncium Vienna Style Lager with an impossible to read label

What make things confusing is that the can says it’s brewed and owned by Kalea, the producer of the Man Bag and the Brewer’s Advent Calendar. This brew was in my Man Bag from this summer. On the Loncium website they have an Austrian Amber Lager (Wiener Lager) but the can says Vienna Style Lager which is pretty much the same thing per the Wiener Lager I had on day 8. The website says 5.5% ABV but the can says 5.1% ABV. The label art is very similar.

The can has a label that is almost impossible to read. The logo, artwork and name have similar brown/bronze colors that is almost impossible to photograph. The BeerTasting app couldn’t read it at all.

So is this a gypsy beer or a a collaboration? I really don’t care. I liked this brew.

I was in Publix picking up some items and noticed there were selling Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager. I used to live near the part of Virginia were they produce it. I first tried this at one of the old World Beer Festivals and loved it. I decided to have a taste comparison so I bought one.

It is malty sweet but not like you get with Belgian sugar but a sweet like caramel. Not strong but a sweetness balanced by some hoppy bitterness. Slightly bitter on the edge of your tongue and on the long finish. While it’s in your mouth it’s a bit of heaven.

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager
Devils Backbone Vienna Lager

I compared it to the DB Vienna Lager (which is their flagship brew) and they are similar. The DB is much darker in color and tastes a bit “dark” almost approaching a roasty flavor that disappears as soon as you think you sense it. This not a roasty brew because for me a roasty brew is roasty-toasty from start to finish. This sneaks around and shows up on the long finish.

The Loncium website for the Amber/Austrian Lager says “A bottom fermented lager caramelized with caramel malt.The malt gives the color and aroma. Slightly sweet reminiscent of caramel sweets with a pleasant hops bitterness. IBU 22.”

The can has a little 5-dot rating on the basic characteristics: Bitterness 3; Color 2; Hoppiness 3; Maltiness 3, Fruitiness 3.

I think I enjoyed the Loncium a bit better, which paired up nicely with the rotisserie chicken from Publix, but the Devils Backbone doesn’t suck. I wouldn’t turn either down at a party.

Brewery: Loncium (maybe)


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