Landgang Pils |Hamburg, Germany

Yikes another from the Man Bag. This is the third beer in the calendar that was in the Mannerhandtasche XXL I bought in the summer. The label on this brew creeped me out back when I first tried it in September. It’s got the same Best Buy date as the previous.

The label looks like a recruiting poster for the Village People. The sailor has a hop bud on his cap. They call this one a Pils which is a bit more modern form of Pilsner but since Pilsner is originally a Czech brew calling it a Pils gives it more of a non-Czech feel. As I said before Pilsners are typically not my favorite. Some are more bitter than others. This one is a little on the lighter side. It’s got the Pilsner bitterness but is slightly smoother also that’s always a mystery how a beer can be crisp and smooth at the same time. Paired nicely with the tacos I made tonight. It does have a long lingering bitter finish.

Looking at their website I think these are more hip modern-era brewers. The photos from their tasting room looks like half of the tasting rooms in the US. They even have a “Amerikanischer Traum (American Dream) – India Pale Ale”

Here is what their website says (translated via Google Translate):

Landgang Pils
Landgang Pils
“Hamburg’s beer tradition is closely linked to the Hanseatic League. Beer was exported from Hamburg as early as 500 years ago. We brew this beer as a reminder of this important part of Hamburg’s history. Pils is perhaps the most casually drunk drink. Go ashore is our alternative.

Beer style: Pils
Alcohol: 4.9%
Color: light yellow
Bitter units: 35 IBU
Ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast, hops
Drinking temperature: 4-7 ° C
Rocks against: thirst”

Always good to have a beer that “rocks against thirst.” Not my favorite of the calendar but it wasn’t a bad beer. I have to admit I enjoyed it better when I didn’t have the can visible. That eyes of the sailor on the label follows you. Don’t care for anyone starring at me when I’m enjoying a beer unless it’s my wife or the Beer Brothers around the burn pot.

Surely there’s got to be a winter warmer or Christmas brew in this calendar.


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